Pizza Restaurant Management System

You’re Going To Need A Bigger Pizza Oven

Grow your pizza restaurant with online ordering, loyalty, and efficiency tools. The HungerRush pizza restaurant management system is the most powerful way to master operations and elevate the guest experience.

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Unlock Growth with Works-Anywhere Ordering

Create an easy-to-use online ordering experience that customers love with a mobile-friendly website. It’s a complete pizza restaurant management system that works for you anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy menu modifications for your most complex orders
  • Full control to build the right store for your brand
  • Built-in curbside pickup, takeout, and no-contact delivery

HungerRush’s pizza online ordering system leads to a 18% ticket size boost on average for online orders.

Pizza Restaurant Restaurant Management System Buyer’s Guide
What to consider when purchasing a restaurant management system for a pizza restaurant.
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Efficiently Deliver Pizzas on Your Own Terms

Delivery without the hefty commissions. With Drive, our delivery management solution, you can run an efficient fleet, keep more delivery dollars, and engage directly with customers.

  • Easily manage delivery orders, drivers, and routes in real-time with HungerRush Drive
  • No-hassle integrations with third party delivery marketplaces when desired
  • Own the customer delivery experience from start to finish

“It’s like air traffic control with HungerRush!” — The Slice Pizzeria

HungerRush - No contact delivery

Generate Loyalty and Drive Repeat Business

Access your complete customer data and build a loyalty program to incentivize repeat business. Personalize the experience, create targeted offers, and retain customers.

  • Fully own the customer relationship
  • Marketing automations and one-off personalized campaigns
  • Single dashboard for all loyalty programs

Loyalty members at Piezoni’s order more than twice as often as non-loyalty members. See why.

HungerRush - Enhanced Restaurant Management Tools

Why is a Restaurant Management System the Key to a Profitable Pizzeria?

Restaurant management systems offer seamless integrations between all your systems, removing the frustration of disjointed systems and creating a more robust and powerful management platform. Learn more.

  • All your data in one place for automated reports with clean data you can use immediately
  • Fast problem-solving with one technology partner
  • Remote setup, rapid training, and an ongoing partnership

See how HungerRush can help you grow.

You have goals. We’ll tailor a demo just for you.

Comprehensive Pizza Restaurant Management Never Looked So Easy

HungerRush Restaurant Management System helps you manage every aspect of your pizza business in one platform to become more competitive.

Master Daily Operations

Simplify inventory, recipes and menus, scheduling and beyond with built-in tools

US-Based Support

World-class customer service with industry experts based in the United States

Unrivaled User Experience

Rapid order entry and back office tools designed for speed and convenience

Own Your Customers

Find customer notes, locations, order histories, and more at the click of a button

Fully Integrated

Pizza POS system, loyalty, operations—it’s all connected in a single modern platform

Business Analytics

Cloud-based reporting and management offer business clarity and control anywhere

How many locations do you have?

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The Slice Pizzeria in Hahira, Georgia was purchased in 2019 by new owners, who promptly set up HungerRush.

  • Sales increased 25%
  • More efficient and accurate delivery management with Drive
  • Practical real-time reporting

“Customers that are ordering online produce higher ticket sales, reduce order errors, free up my staff to do other tasks, and reduce overall costs. We are training the staff to push items with high markup to improve profitability. The HungerRush system helps us do that with built-in suggestive selling.”

— Estel Powell, Co-Owner

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Flyers Pizza had seven locations and was #8 on the Pizza Today Top 100 Independent list when they began looking for a new RMS in 2016 to help them climb higher.

  • Immediate 10.6% sales increase
  • Increased customer satisfaction and long-term engagement
  • Achieved #6 in the Top 100

“We wanted a solution that would make online ordering fun and interactive. HungerRush is more than just a POS and Online Ordering provider. HungerRush is a partner. We’re worked together on everything from suggestive selling to menu formatting and configuration to ensure our guests are happier and spend more during every experience.”

— Matt Ulrey, Director of IT

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Giovanni’s Pizza operates 100+ locations across six states. The franchise evaluated 32 point of sale systems before landing on HungerRush.

  • $3 average ticket increase over in-store purchases
  • Easy training for franchisees
  • Eye-opening reporting across all locations

“Now that we have the HungerRush system with reporting software, our stores are making more money than ever before. We are thrilled to offer this technology to our existing franchisees and future locations and watch how it helps fuel their success.”

— Brent Cordial, Vice President of Operations

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Looking for a multi-unit restaurant solution?

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Ready to get started?

HungerRush is a fully-integrated pizza Restaurant Management System that powers high-performance pizza restaurants who want to own the customer experience, create stunning ordering experiences, and master day-to-day operations.

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