Pizza is a tough business.

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods, but serving it has some unique challenges. HungerRush was designed to help you beat them.


Designed from the ground up to sell pizza.

HungerRush 360 is made to handle everything the biz can throw at you.

  • Tackle tough orders.

    Tackle tough orders.

    Half and halfs? Split orders? Large inventories? Not a problem for our POS.

  • Go where the people are.

    Go where the people are.

    Let customers order however they want: in store, online, in app, or even over text.

  • Build loyalty.

    Build loyalty.

    Keep them coming back with personalized offers and rewards.

Win big no matter how big you are.

  • Foundation
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

    You give them your best; deserve the best.

    Grow your pizza store more profitably, exceed your customers’ expectations, and increase their loyalty and engagement with a system powerful enough to help you compete with the big boys, and give you a life beyond the restaurant.

pizza digital world

We are living in a digital world.

pizza digital world

Your customers need to place orders on modern channels. We can help them do just that with digital ordering in ways that are convenient: online, in apps, and over text. You can also understand customer preferences and market more proactively. Sell more pizza. Grow your business.

pizza experiences

Give ‘em experiences they’ll eat up.

pizza experiences

You might make the best pie in town, but it’s not enough anymore to open your doors and expect people to pile in. We can help you build customizable marketing programs, personalized experiences, and loyalty programs that make it easier for customers to come back for more.

illustrations rms

Run everything from one place.

illustrations rms

Get the power to control operations from a single screen you can access anywhere. Access your customer and operational data, update and broadcast your menus, manage your labor and inventory—everything you need to be more effective, and more profitable, right at your fingertips.

A single solution for all your challenges.

The HungerRush 360 system seamlessly integrates all the solutions you need to run, market and grow your restaurant, so there’s no more gluing different products together and hoping for the best. With a single all-in-one system, you get more efficiency, less complexity, and zero headache.


Buyer’s Checklist: 12 steps for choosing the right tech for your restaurant.

Evaluating new technology for your growing restaurant can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. Here’s a handy shortcut to help guide your decision.

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