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Control comes full circle.

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HungerRush 360 is designed to give you more understanding, more insight, and more control of your operations and guest experiences.

  1. Know your customers

    Get a complete perspective of your customers’ order history and preferences so you can personalize guest experiences and drive loyalty.

  2. View all orders

    Track orders on any channel from the moment they come in to the moment they are served or delivered.

  1. Control all operations

    Achieve a unified vision of both front and back-of-house operations across all locations including ghost kitchens and food trucks.

  2. Manage from anywhere

    Take control of every aspect of your business, from menus, inventory, labor, coupons, etc. from a single location that’s easier than ever to access, wherever you are.

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Take it easy, anywhere.

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Imagine everything you need to run your restaurant in one place you can access from anywhere. That’s the beauty of the Cloud. Above-store reporting, delivery, menu management, distributed marketing and loyalty, and much much more. And because software updates and improvements are made automatically through the cloud, you can finally focus on running your restaurant rather than worrying about managing technology.

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Make it personal.

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Today’s diners expect personalized experiences. With valuable data integrated consistently throughout the HungerRush 360 system, you can turn insights into the kind of dining experiences that delight your guests and keep them coming back. But your restaurant should reflect your personal priorities and needs, too. That’s why we’ve designed HungerRush 360 to be flexible and adaptable as your business changes and grows. (And boy will it grow.)

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