More channels their way.

The modern restaurant extends beyond its walls. That’s because customers are looking to connect and order online and on their phones. You can meet them right where they are with relevant content that leads to more orders.

  • Own your digital experiences

    Own your digital experiences

    Showcase your brand with consistent experiences online and on mobile.

  • Drive repeat business

    Drive repeat business

    Give customers more ways to order: by text, phone, mobile app, and online.

  • Manage your menu

    Manage your menu

    Reduce errors and improve consistency by broadcasting menus to all stores and channels at once.

digitalorders panel

Digital is where business takes off. 

digitalorders panel

People just want to eat. We can help make it easy for them to find you and place orders in a way that’s convenient, consistent, and even delightful—online, through apps, or over text. You can also understand customer preferences and market more proactively. Grow your orders. Grow your digitally-enabled business.

How AI is humanizing the restaurant ordering experience

Learn how AI-powered ordering keeps your customers coming back for more, reduces your labor burden, and makes life easier for your franchisees and staff.

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Websites made to order. 

Take control of your online ordering website. HungerRush Online Ordering Designer allows you to quickly create customized, branded web experiences without needing to hire a developer. Online Ordering Designer also takes the complexity out of designing your online ordering website and makes it easy to see what’s working best.

digital ordering panel

Control the look and feel.

digital ordering panel

An easy-to-use web tool lets you choose everything—from your color palette to page layout—to create the perfect site to suit your brand.

digital order guests

Your guests are everywhere.   Go  there .

digital order guests

Forget the stress of building an app. HungerRush does the digital cooking for you. Whether they’re ordering for takeout or dine-in, customers will love how easy it is to experience your restaurant.

A do-it all app

Your guests can find locations, complete orders, and more.

Push notifications

Drive reorders and loyalty with targeted special offers.

Easy integration

Get valuable insights with real-time management and reporting.


HungerRush can securely build to your specifications.

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    It’s easy to grow your business

    “Adding HungerRush Online Ordering process was a simple solution in growing our business and has provided an outstanding ROI.”

    It’s easy to grow your business
    Nicole Bean
    President, Pizaro’s Pizza

    Don’t mess with the family.

    “When my parents passed the torch, we opened a new shop with Micros already installed. We decided to use HungerRush and took advantage of their National Buyback Program. And added online ordering.”

    Don’t mess with the family.
    Rosa Bellia
    Franco’s Pizza

    Your first order of business…

    “Before HungerRush, we technically never had online ordering. I’ve already noticed that the people who are ordering online are spending more and have larger tickets.”

    Your first order of business…
    Tina Piser
    AJ Barile’s Chicago Pizza

    It’s a POS and a whole lot more.

    “We switched to HungerRush because we needed an all-in-one POS solution that put at the forefront of the social media and online ordering booms. HungerRush allows us to grow our brand and maximize our profit levels.”

    It’s a POS and a whole lot more.
    Chad Dawson
    Pizza Cottage

Get even smarter about digital ordering.

digital ordering orderai


Boost orders with the power of AI. 

digital ordering orderai

HungerRush 360 OrderAI Text and OrderAI Voice expand mobile ordering options with built-in intelligence to learn customer preferences and provide relevant order suggestions for a fast, easy, and accurate way to place and receive digital orders—without adding labor costs.

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