HungerRush Platform Unifies all Ordering Channels

Tech fragmentation is a major challenge in the restaurant industry. HungerRush brings together all forms of digital ordering with a single data construct.

  • Unifies front and back of house
  • Increases ordering options for guests
  • Flexible ordering channel options (home, office, car)
  • Foundation for digital transformation

Web Ordering Plays a Central Role

Now more than ever, the website and web ordering play a critical role in customer acquisition. HungerRush helps you create customized, branded sites to be successful

  • Merchandise more effectively and smooth the buying experience
  • Encourage upsell with intuitive ordering experience
  • Drive higher average order value
  • Add in-cart promotions to increase order size
  • Encourage repeat business with promotions

Build an effective, custom website with HungerRush Online Ordering Designer

Designer takes the complexity out of designing your online ordering website and empowers you to make site optimization a core aspect of your restaurant’s growth strategy.

  • Gain full control over your corporate identity including branding scheme, logo, and imagery
  • Build, test, and optimize your custom menu to drive online orders
  • Achieve a faster review cycle – make the change, evaluate it immediately and adjust in real time
  • Preview your page in desktop, mobile and tablet views
  • Be agile in marketing to customers by storing multiple versions of your site for specific occasions
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HungerRush can help you grow

Our no-hassle online ordering demo is quick and painless.


Enable SMS ordering and marketing with AI-powered accuracy

HungerRush TextAi leverages artificial intelligence to provide a fast, easy, and accurate way to receive digital orders. Drive higher order frequency and incremental revenue with personalized promotions and unrivaled open rates.

  • Capture highly-accurate SMS orders through advanced AI
  • Rapid deployment for any type of restaurant
  • Convenience-driven ordering channel for customers who prefer mobile

“This just might be the best food ordering tech on the planet” — Jet’s Pizza

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Create the fully-branded experience of your dreams

Tailor your restaurant online ordering platform to your brand vision for an unforgettable customer experience.

  • Boost satisfaction with guest ordering, saved orders, time estimates, vehicle tracking, and group ordering
  • Custom mobile-friendly website or independent mobile app
  • Easy menu modifications to handle your most complex orders

HungerRush’s pizza online ordering system leads to an 18% ticket size boost on average for online orders.

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QSR Magazine: The Pivot from Full Service to Quick Service & How to Win

So, what are the tools that you need in your tech stack to grow your business and thrive?

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Bring ’em back again and again with powerful loyalty tools

Understand your customers and incentivize repeat business with fully-integrated marketing and loyalty programs that guests love.

  • Own your customer data and nurture long-term relationships, uninhibited
  • Hands-off marketing automations always work for you in the background
  • Design the perfect program for single locations, regional groups, or your entire enterprise

Hungry Howie’s Pizza experienced a 74% redemption rate around the country on loyalty offers with HungeRush—see how here

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The HungerRush online ordering platform integrates with our complete Restaurant Management System

Connect all your business systems, from online ordering to loyalty and multi-unit reporting, in one integrated platform that does it all.

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