Customize for your size.

You have the recipe for a successful business. Now you need the right products in the right places to operate smoothly. Select a range of products designed for a single location, a chain, or even a ghost kitchen.

  • Keep pace at peak times.

    Keep pace at peak times.

    Process orders quickly, even during a rush, with high-performance hardware.

  • Cover all your bases.

    Cover all your bases.

    Seamlessly integrate hardware from front of house to back of house, outside and in.

  • Take it easy.

    Take it easy.

    Every product is durable, spill-proof, and easy to clean.

hardware works together

It works together.

hardware works together

Compatibility is key and communication is king, especially when it comes to ensuring orders are processed quickly and accurately. All HungerRush hardware products are designed to work together to get orders into customers’ hands in no time.

hardware eliminate headaches

Eliminate hardware headaches.

hardware eliminate headaches

If it breaks, we’ll fix it. Put your mind at ease knowing products will be serviced and replaced when needed. All hardware is covered by a monthly service agreement that guarantees every product is always up and running.

hardware ready set

Ready, set, go.

hardware ready set

Figuring out what hardware you need for your restaurant is no easy task. Whether front of house, back of house, outside, or in, HungerRush has a full range of products for every operation. Get everything you need to open your business quickly with products that are tested, configured, and professionally installed.


    Switching from negative to positive.

    “We switched to HungerRush because our Thrive POS had a lot of issues after the install. I decided to invest in my business and call HungerRush. They offer everything I want in a POS system.”

    Switching from negative to positive.
    Ken & Dawn Golini
    Owners, Rocco’s Little Italy

    Ensuring high standards are met.

    “My goals were to obtain a more stable POS with enhanced features, more stations, at lower running cost. HungerRush met all of these goals, as well as high standards for hardware and customer support.”

    Ensuring high standards are met.
    Art Goldstein
    Southside Flying Pizza

    Getting off the fence and making the smart choice.

    “If you’re on the fence about which POS system will best serve your operation and have narrowed your choice to Micros or HungerRush, this analogy might help. Micros is like texting on a phone with a 10-key pad. HungerRush is texting on a Smartphone.”

    Getting off the fence and making the smart choice.
    Chuck Krauthamer
    Three Brothers Bakery

    Making a PDQ change for the better.

    “My former POS company, PDQ Signature Systems only care about selling us a system. Their support was poor. We switched because HungerRush makes sure we know we had a partner in doing business.”

    Making a PDQ change for the better.
    Dominick Scarola
    North End Pizzeria
hardware panel

A one-stop shop.

hardware panel

Not sure which hardware you’ll need to get started? Whether you have one location or a chain, you can choose from a full range of products and then add items as your business grows.

Terminal or Tablet

Use integrated printers and cash drawers for counter service and handheld tablets at terminals or tableside.


Choose from thermal printers for customer receipts to kitchen printers for back of house.

Cash Drawer

Store cash, checks, and other valuables securely in a drawer that integrates with our POS system.

Card Reader

Make order payment easy and safe for customers with swipe or tap options.

hardware panel

Take it to the next level.

hardware panel

Start with the basics and add on features as needed to get the most out of your setup.

Kitchen Display System

Reduce human error and set prep times for individual dishes.

Digital Signage

Showcase your menu and your brand with an updatable display.

Networking Configuration Capacity

Select a router or access point that expands your networking capacity to meet your needs..

HungerRush 360

HungerRush RGB

We’ve got the hardware you need.

Whatever your size – from single outlet to chain – HungerRush 360 has the compatible hardware – from state-of-the-art POS systems, tablets and card readers – to kitchen displays and digital displays — to integrate your restaurant from front to back. We’ll install it, get it up and running right away, so you never miss a beat, and add components as you need them.

Experience ordering made easy.

We can help you reach more customers and do more with them.

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