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A natural and seamless ordering experience, run by AI

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OrderAI uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing to turn ordering via phone bot into an experience that feels anything but robotic.

  • Train OrderAI on your menu, ingredients, prices, and brand preferences
  • Take accurate orders even with multiple speakers, heavy accents, and SMS shorthand
  • In the event of a challenge, OrderAI can signal for a human helping hand on your team to finish the order
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OrderAI answers all your calls and never puts guests on hold

OrderAITalkRrobot WEBSITE

Eliminate the inefficiencies of having staff answer phones all day. OrderAI Talk never gets sick, has no call limit, and is always happy to hear from guests.

  • Take unlimited orders simultaneously and never lose an order due to hold times again
  • Connects to your POS for accurate menu information and payments
  • Opt callers into SMS order updates and remarketing offers to bring them into your loyalty ecosystem

Make labor shortage a thing of the past

See how OrderAI can answer your phones, send marketing texts, and collect text orders without human involvement.

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Reach back out with personalized SMS offers

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Turn irregular call-in customers into frequent regulars with automatic and personalized Text Marketing.

  • Text marketing runs automatically to generate re-orders
  • Connects to your HungerRush Loyalty system to curate offers based on guest preferences and order trends
  • Experience a 98% open rate for SMS offers—the most visibility of any restaurant marketing channel
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Go from SMS offer to SMS reorder in 30 seconds

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Use the same artificial intelligence that answers phones to take orders by SMS with OrderAI Text.

  • Give customers the ability to take advantage of their SMS offer by simply replying to the text
  • Take orders and payments without customers having to exit their favorite texting app
  • Complete full orders in as little as 30 seconds—an incredibly fast and convenient ordering experience

To experience OrderAI Text yourself please try our
OrderAI Text Demo

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Proven by 3 million successful orders (and counting)

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Jet’s Pizza uses OrderAI at 350+ locations to reduce employee time spent on phones, automate text marketing, and increase reorder frequency with text ordering.

  • 92% order success rate with OrderAI Talk
  • 29% offer redemption rate for customers who receive Text Marketing
  • 9% lift in annual revenue thanks to increased order frequency

Experience OrderAI for yourself.

See what happens when you make it even easier for customers to order from you.

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