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Pizza Chain Jet’s uses OrderAI Talk to keep their staff off phones amid labor shortage.

Pizza Chain Jet’s uses OrderAI Talk to keep their staff off phones amid labor shortage.

Now More than Ever, Restaurants Send More Customer Calls to Voice Bots Amid Staffing Shortages. See how HungerRush OrderAI Talk is helping Jet’s do just that:

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HungerRush Launches OrderAI Talk

HungerRush Launches OrderAI Talk

OrderAI Talk empowers restaurants to increase order accuracy, decrease time employees spend on the phone, and create exceptional guest experiences

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More restaurants turning to digital connections to stay competitive

More restaurants turning to digital connections to stay competitive

Restaurant jobs were a significant part of the July jobs report, but hiring challenges and inflation fears are still keeping staff pretty tight. FOX 26 Business Reporter Tom Zizka says establishments are relying more on a digital connection to keep customers happy. Read how HungerRush helped Roostar with this very challenge!

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Run your restaurant your way with HungerRush 360

HungerRush360 is a cloud-based POS system that keeps you connected with both your restaurant and your customers. Receive and track orders from any channel, personalize your guests’ experiences, and manage your operations all on one unified platform that you can access from anywhere.
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POS, reimagined.

HungerRush 360 is the cloud-based POS system that helps you delight your guests, drive loyalty, and manage, market, and grow your business from anywhere.

  • Know


    Get a 360-degree view of your guests so you can create personalized experiences.

  • Manage


    Capture meaningful insights into everything in and out of the kitchen.

  • Grow


    Make it easier for customers to find you, place more orders, and become loyalists.

boost order ai v


Boost orders with the power of AI.

boost order ai v

When you connect with people on their phones, with content they want, you can turn customers into loyalists. HungerRush  360  OrderAI Text makes text ordering easier for them and more profitable for you. 

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Success Stories

HungerRush is serving up success for restaurants just like yours.

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    With a company like HungerRush, scalability became a non-issue because once we had it down at one Fajita Pete’s, we were able to take that model, treat it as a module, and plug it into our next stores.

    Pedro “Pete” Mora

    CEO and Founder, Fajita Pete’s


Innovation and expertise for all menus.

  • Pizza
  • QSR/Fast Casual
  • Perfect for Pizza.

    Pizza is all kinds of  complex, from  the crazy  combo orders  to the  stresses of  delivery management. But  we’ve  got everything you need to  rise above the disruption and pursue your passion to the fullest.

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