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RMS Installation Services

HungerRush restaurant management system installation is one of our strongest services. Training is a core aspect of our POS installation services and we ensure your team understands all aspects of our POS system.

Master Daily Operations

The two components of training, Employee and Management, quickly bring you and your staff up to speed and ready to handle daily operations.

The Employee training is conducted onsite after your installation. It commences before your normal shifts and may be supplemented during your shifts. The more in-depth Management training is conducted during downtime shifts. It ensures you receive the maximum benefit from the learning objectives.

Custom System Training

Custom System Training focuses on implementing and managing specific features within your HungerRush point of sale system. We walk you and your employees through each step, making sure that you not only understand the nuances but how to best utilize these features for your business concept.

HungerRush trainers have thousands of industry hours spanning all concepts and all positions.

Classroom Training

Training at HungerRush Headquarters allows you to work closely with expert trainers in an environment optimized for learning before your installation and on a continuing basis.

The Learning Center is an expansive computer lab that accommodates your entire staff at one time. In this interactive classroom, each person is given the opportunity to learn and ask questions while being instructed from a menu database that is an exact copy of the HungerRush POS in your business.

Experience digital ordering in action.

We can help you reach more customers and do more with them.

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