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Delivering on the future of food starts with great digital experiences.​

From ordering to eating and everything in between, our best-in-class digital system connects customers to restaurants, employees in front and back of house, and managers with the insight they need. It’s the connected restaurant experience. And it’s brought to you by HungerRush.

Reach customers wherever they are.​

Don’t just wait until hunger strikes. Send personalized, timely offers based on their order history that make meal planning easier and drive repeat business.

Experience customer engagement

Make digital ordering easier than ever.

Whether they prefer text, phone, app, or mobile, HungerRush gives customers a frictionless, on-brand digital ordering experience.

Ordering is easier wherever they are, no matter the channel, and 3rd party orders integrate directly into the system.

And automated ordering lets restaurants process more orders, even with a smaller staff.

Experience digital ordering

Create great guest experiences.​

Guests have more ways to order and pay, no matter whether they are remote or on premise.

Easy-to-use tech makes training easier, so staff increase productivity, reduce errors and improve the guest experience.

Customers can conveniently order through multiple digital ordering channels including OrderAI where our automated bot is ready to take their orders.

Experience point-of-sale and payments

Get orders out more easily.

Once orders come into the system, fulfillment is easy because all employees have access to everything they need to know.

Clear and consistent process means less confusion, and when orders are correctly displayed, however they come in, there are fewer mistakes.

Experience the HungerRush kitchen display system and more

Take the guesswork out of delivery.

Through built-in third-party app integrations and Driver Track, customers never miss an order. Food is served.

Instant-on third-party delivery gives you more flexibility, and getting estimated time of arrival for delivery keeps customers from tying up your lines.

Experience delivery

Run your restaurant from anywhere.​

And wherever operators find themselves—from the back office to the lakefront—they get access on any device to all the info they need to run their business.​

Anywhere access to sales, robust labor scheduling, inventory, and menu management that lets managers change prices, create coupons, and more for one or all locations. This gives managers more freedom and the ability to respond more quickly to business needs.

Experience restaurant management

Connect with us.

See how we can help you reimagine your own restaurant experience.