Reward customers consistently.

Make it easy for customers to sign up for rewards no matter which door they enter. Let them earn points automatically and easily view their rewards from any ordering channel.

  • Get personal.

    Get personal.

    Deliver personalized experiences when you capture data on guest preferences and order history.

  • Anticipate their next move.

    Anticipate their next move.

    Engage customers with targeted digital marketing that puts the right promotion in front of them at the right time.

  • Cultivate loyalty with rewards they’ll use.

    Cultivate loyalty with rewards they’ll use.

    Customize your loyalty program to align with guest behavior.

cust engage integrate loyalty

Integrate loyalty with ordering.

cust engage integrate loyalty

Tech-savvy customers know what they want—convenience. Let customers sign up for rewards wherever it’s easiest for them—in store or through a digital ordering channel. Then make it effortless for them to access rewards at work, at home, by computer, or by phone so they’ll keep coming back for more.

cust engage control orders

Take control of orders.

cust engage control orders

It pays, literally, to receive orders directly. Reward behaviors that matter most to your business, like self-ordering on digital channels exclusively. You decide how points can be earned—by how much money customers spend or how many products they order.

cust engage data

Own your data.

cust engage data

Get the most out of your promotional dollars—and take control of customer data—by rewarding sales through direct ordering channels. When the customer relationship is yours, you can use information on orders, location, frequency, and spend to drive loyalty and repeat sales.


    Text to order makes ordering easier.

    “Text to order is the best and easiest ordering experience on the planet, especially for a marketplace that prioritizes convenience.”

    Text to order makes ordering easier.
    Aaron Nilsson
    CIO, Jet’s Pizza

    Getting on the right track.

    “HungerRush’s system keeps far better track of inventory, the customer database…everything, really! Anything you need to track for your business, HungerRush is going to track it best.”

    Getting on the right track.
    Pat Sarappo
    Sarappo’s Pizza

    It’s all in the planning.

    “We demo’d about a dozen POS companies and HungerRush had the most options and features. The installation was fast, the menu was 90% built upon arrival, and ever since customer service has been amazing.”

    It’s all in the planning.
    Jason Mazzaro
    J. Roo’s Restaurant
customer engage panel

Meet customers where they are.

customer engage panel

Getting new customers in your door—whether onsite or online—is one way to unlock consistent growth. Develop a mix of loyalty offers and rewards that spark engagement with new customers across the spectrum.


Add rewards right into your customer’s account immediately after purchase.

Push Notifications

Create a full flight of push notifications from a single dashboard.

One-time-Use Offer Codes

Dispense one-time-use offer codes for simple, flexible promotions.

Email & Text Marketing

Deliver personalized offers directly to your customers’ phones.

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