Featured Benefits for Enterprise Restaurant Chains

  • Master Daily Operations

    Master Daily Operations

    Simplify menus, loyalty, inventory, reporting and beyond on a global level.

  • Unified Brand Experience

    Unified Brand Experience

    Create a seamless brand experience your customers love at any location or on any device.

  • Fully Integrated

    Fully Integrated

    Enterprise POS system, loyalty, operations—it’s all connected in a single modern platform.

  • US-Based Support

    US-Based Support

    World-class customer service with industry experts based in the United States.

  • Own Your Customers

    Own Your Customers

    Synchronize customer data from every touchpoint to enable world-class marketing.

  • Business Analytics

    Business Analytics

    Cloud-based reporting and management offer business clarity and control anywhere.

Customize your solution to fit your technology and pricing needs.

The restaurant management platform loved by your entire team.

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Create seamless brand experiences customers love.

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Unify your customer experience across all ordering platforms and loyalty programs, for all locations. Deliver the seamless experiences worthy of your brand.

  • Leave no opportunity untapped with omnichannel ordering: online, app, sms, in-person, and more
  • Build sophisticated rewards and marketing programs to lock-in customer loyalty
  • Expand your reach with integrated third-party delivery, or run your own delivery fleet

“Most customers visit our restaurants slightly less than twice per month. However, members of our Loyalty program visit four times per month. Double the rate of non-members!” — Victor Martinez, Piezoni’s

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A single operational hub to master efficiency and scale.

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From inventory, to labor scheduling, to delivery order management, HungerRush consolidates your operations across locations and regions into a central platform for cross-system insight and efficiency.

  • Harmonize your front and back-of-house with operational clarity
  • Minimize ever-breaking integrations and messy, disjointed data
  • Operational continuity with cloud-based data and offline functionality when you need it

“We can now focus on our brand’s growth instead of managing multiple technology providers and integrations.” — Sbarro

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We partner with large-scale restaurants as if they’re our own.

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This is a true partnership. We’re eager to integrate with your team’s vision, tailor our solutions to your business and operational needs, and join you on your journey to operational and culinary mastery.

  • 100% US-based customer success teams, stacked with restaurant industry experts
  • Modular architecture enables both gradual and full-scale implementation to meet team needs
  • Fine-tuned training and onboarding that gets you up-and-running at lightning speed

Support experts are US-based and we are committed to being here when you need us.

Trusted by enterprise businesses like yours

What type of multi-location restaurant are you?

  • Fast Casual

    Giovanni’s Pizza operates 100+ locations across six states. The franchise evaluated 32 point of sale systems before landing on HungerRush.

    • $3 average ticket increase over in-store purchases
    • Easy training for franchisees
    • Eye-opening reporting across all locations

    “Now that we have the HungerRush system with reporting software, our stores are making more money than ever before. We are thrilled to offer this technology to our existing franchisees and future locations and watch how it helps fuel their success.”

    — Brent Cordial, Giovanni’s Pizza

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  • Quick Service

    In 1978, Jet’s Pizza® founder Eugene Jetts was about to buy a new home. But on the way there, his passion for pizza took over. Instead, he signed a lease on a space that would become the first Jet’s® location.

    Along with his brother and partner John, they opened the doors to Jetts Party Shoppe & Pizzeria in Sterling Heights, MI. The pizza world would never be the same. They were about to make deep dish history by offering a truly, better pizza.

    “Text to order is the best and easiest ordering experience on the planet especially for a marketplace that prioritizes convenience.”

    — Aaron Nilsson, CIO of Jet’s Pizza

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  • Pizza

    Hungry Howie’s is a nationally-recognized pizza chain with over 500 drive-thrus. The company needed a fully-integrated ordering and loyalty solution that could work across all locations.

    • 75% loyalty program redemption rate
    • Clean and actionable customer and sales data
    • Consistent branding and experience nationwide

    “We didn’t anticipate how much impact the loyalty interface in the online menu would be. Most loyalty platforms plateau at a 20% redemption rate because of manual redemption codes or incomplete integrations. With HungerRush, we’ve tripled that benchmark in just the first year because of the online ordering and mobile application integration.”

    — Dan McKay, Director of IT, Chief Administrative Officer

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