Your food delivery fleet is reporting for duty

HungerRush Drive is your go-to command center for food delivery management, with apps for both drivers and restaurant locations.

  • Manage multiple drivers, recall trip details, and track routes in real-time
  • Detailed data over past, present, and future orders offers operational insight
  • Set boundaries with delivery zones and zone-specific fees

Piu Bello Pizzeria increased revenue by 20% by optimizing delivery processes with HungerRush—read how

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HungerRush can help you grow

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Deliver more orders per hour, without breaking speed limits

HungerRush Drive is outfitted with efficiency tools that get orders out the door and to customers faster. Waste less time, optimize labor costs, and create happier customers.

  • Smart delivery mapping with Google Maps integration
  • Identify high-performing drivers with return time estimates and mileage tracking
  • Connects to regular back-of-house workflows seamlessly via HungerRush RMS

“I’m able to see all my operational efficiencies, which allows me to properly correct and make adjustments.” — Frank’s Pizza

A better way to integrate with third-party delivery platforms

Turn off self-managed delivery and leverage the unrivaled network of drivers of third-party platforms at the flip of the switch—without having to give up control over your customers or order data.

  • Bring third-party delivery customers into your loyalty program automatically
  • Seamless integration: no “wall of tablets” or re-entering orders from partners into your POS
  • Access extra drivers only when you need them so you can handle peak times and surges with ease

Offer peace of mind with tamper-evident receipt labels

Show customers you care about their order integrity with labels that show their food is clean and untouched.

  • Build trust and good-will with customers
  • Modify the format to suit your container sizes and shapes
  • Deliver with confidence

28% of delivery drivers have tampered with a customer’s food, according to a 2019 US Foods study.

The HungerRush delivery management integrates
with our complete Restaurant Management System

Connect all your business systems, from online ordering to loyalty and multi-unit reporting, in one integrated platform that does it all.

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