Process delivery orders faster

We want your order handling to be as easy as pie. Know who is calling and if they’re a returning customer, easily handle complex orders, apply coupons and rewards, pull up and apply past orders, and dispatch deliveries quickly. HungerRush 360 gives you all of this capability and more at your fingertips so you can process orders faster and delight more guests.

Your eye in the sky for real-time delivery status

Use an interactive map to get clear visibility into your delivery operations at all times. This allows you to track driver locations, current orders and ETAs, and other delivery metrics such as average delivery times for individual stores, or across an entire brand.

Manage your delivery team and third parties in one place

HungerRush 360 includes a built-in dispatch screen for you to manage your own delivery fleet, or dispatch orders to third-party services during busy times. Think of it as your one-stop-screen for managing delivery.

empower your driver panel

Empower your drivers with Driver Track

empower your driver panel

Drivers get destination information for each order and mark
each order as complete through a custom mobile app.
It’s pedal to the medal with the Driver Track mobile app.

  • Drivers see all orders dispatched to them through the app, reducing trips to the store.
  • Drivers see all customer details and can contact them if needed
  • Drivers can map the route to see where to go
  • Drivers can see order receipts and mark orders complete, which stops the delivery time for the store

Make curbside easier on you and your customers

Guests who select curbside pickup can track their order and notify the store when they arrive. Your staff knows instantly when the guest arrives and what car they are in. Guests enjoy a better experience getting their orders quicker from the comfort of their car.

Experience ordering made easy.

We can help you reach more customers and do more with them.

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