Turn payments into profits.

Customers can pick and choose how they order, from in-person walk-ins to third-party apps. Simplify the payment process no matter how orders are placed. Then use payment data to grow your business.

  • Take an order from anywhere.

    Take an order from anywhere.

    Collect orders from all digital channels and third parties, then route seamlessly to the kitchen.

  • Play well with others.

    Play well with others.

    Integrate with all other systems, pushing data to key areas such as marketing and inventory.

  • Access data in real time.

    Access data in real time.

    Get up-to-the-second sales information from your POS.


Train while you’re in the game.


Getting staff up-to-speed while keeping your restaurant running smoothly can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With HungerRush 360, you can train staff members quickly and set up new locations with minimal disruptions. Fewer operational hiccups translate into bigger returns on investment.


Unlock competitive processing fees.


How do you ensure easy payment for customers without breaking the bank? HungerRush works with credit card processors to offer competitive merchant services that work seamlessly with our POS technology. Tap into consistent credit card processing revenue streams to minimize your operating costs and maximize your profit margins.


Safeguard your customer data.


Data breaches are a deal breaker for customers. Be a good steward of customer data with high-tech security protocols and processes. Capture customer payment information locally and store it securely in the cloud.

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    A new pos system turns out to be a positive change.

    “We finally decided to change our POS system. HungerRush offers more than Speedline but with better value. We are so happy we chose HungerRush.”

    A new pos system turns out to be a positive change.
    Kimberley Duval
    Franchise Owner, Garlic Jim’s

Pay it forward.


Reimagine what it means to deliver better customer service, manage staff more effectively, and run your business more profitably. With HungerRush 360 POS, payments are seamlessly integrated with all restaurant systems, from reporting and inventory to marketing and loyalty.

Customized Payment

Flexible payments can be scaled as your business changes and grows.

Consultative Process

Training and onboarding get you up and running quickly.

Integration into Cloud POS

Payment data can be aggregated and accessed from anywhere with Cloud POS.


Customizable, feature-rich hardware ensures you’ve got the right set-up for every location.

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Experience ordering made easy.

We can help you reach more customers and do more with them.

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