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Your Partner In Razor-Precise Email and SMS Marketing

hr marketing enterprise panel

Complement your in-house team’s brand-building efforts with automated demand generation that increases franchise revenue and attracts new franchise talent.

  • Offload the ongoing execution of targeted SMS and email campaigns to a team that does nothing else
  • Hit your revenue and customer retention goals, both for the overall brand and at the store level
  • Execute proven franchisee demand generation campaigns that have been validated by years of success

“I know it works, I have the data … 10% [of our online ordering business] came to us through HungerRush 360 Marketing platform. That’s 10% we didn’t have before.” — Daniel Potash, Harry’s Italian

hr marketing enterprise panel

Industry-Leading Strategy, Data-Driven Campaigns

hr marketing enterprise panel

We integrate your first-party data into our toolkit of battle-tested email and SMS campaigns to generate better revenue results both at the store and overall levels.

  • Expertly-designed email and SMS campaigns that are optimized specifically to generate repeat orders
  • Multiple proven strategies to support franchises, like Re-Engagement and Habit Booster campaigns
  • Detailed monthly reporting you can count on to track campaign performance

“The results speak for themselves. It’s like having a built-in marketing department without having to pay even a fraction of what it would cost for one salaried marketing employee per month,” — Vicky Dalva, Batata Pita Bar

Trusted by Hundreds of Established Restaurant Brands

HungerRush has 20 years of experience leading the restaurant tech and marketing space. Our experts know how to help your business because we power and work with enterprise restaurants around the country.

Here’s how it works:

  • Brand Discovery
  • Creation & Execution
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Maintaining brand consistency across franchise locations is important, so the first step is to align on your overall brand guidelines and preferences.

    Then, we’ll work with your franchisees to integrate their first-party customer data and enable opt-ins at checkout to start building their unique marketing lists.

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