The RMS is the future of restaurant tech

The New Way

Think of the restaurant management system as your business’ center of gravity, where all your systems—online ordering, inventory, reporting and beyond—come together to be managed in one place.

  • Scalable operating system for running your entire restaurant business
  • Clean data structure for flawless integrations between modules (tools, features, systems)
  • New opportunities to optimize customer experiences, daily management, and sales

The Old Way

Traditional POS systems are poorly optimized for their oversized role. Originally designed to simply take orders, they’ve become bloated with unrelated tools, poor data management, and restrictive.

  • Broken and restrictive software integrations are the industry standard
  • No single, unified customer database keeps marketing and loyalty programs from their full potential
  • Collecting data from a dozen disjointed sources means reporting is a nightmare

HungerRush can help you grow

Our no-hassle restaurant management system demo is quick and painless.

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Create the ultimate ordering experience for customers

Forget the fragmented point of sale (POS) system, online ordering platform, and delivery and takeout apps. With the HungerRush Restaurant Management System, all your customer-facing systems work on any device and feel like one united front.

  • Serve customers where they are: the phone, computer, order counter, drive-thru, or on the couch
  • Track customer loyalty across every ordering platform automatically; leave no sale behind
  • Easily manage menus, promotions, and customer data across all ordering platforms and locations

Restaurants that implement HungerRush’s online ordering system generate an 18% ticket size boost on average for online orders

All your data, unified, unlocks unprecedented insights

Imagine what you could do if real-time sales, marketing and loyalty, inventory, employee, operational, and payroll data were all in one place —without frustrating integrations.

  • Measure sales growth with precision, identify bottlenecks, and reach new levels of success
  • Complete visibility into sales and customer trends, for one location or all of them
  • Run your business with dashboards accessible from anywhere, on any device

“It keeps track of everything for us–orders, sales, inventory–so many other things. The increase in efficiency helps us do our jobs better and offer the best customer service possible.” — Tutti’s Ristorante

See the future ahead, then tailor it to your vision

When you have this much control and clarity over your business direction and health, the future’s yours to shape.

  • Own your customer data for long-term relationship and loyalty building, no strings attached
  • Spot trends and risks before they strike, then steer the ship out of harm’s way
  • Adapt to changes in customer behavior and preferences without the headache

Little Pops Pizza used the HungerRush RMS to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic, become resilient, and achieve new levels of success— read the case study.