Start every experience the right way with rapid order entry

The HungerRush restaurant POS is more than an order-taker. It’s an experience-maker for customers, a super-suit for staff, and the secret to faster and higher-value orders.

  • Cutting-edge order entry, rapid editing, and time estimations so you can delight guests every time
  • Completely customizable to handle even the most complex menus and orders with ease
  • Instant integrations with all your ordering systems, like online orders and delivery partners

“It takes all of the confusion out of order taking, and being able to customize very specific buttons tailored to our needs is awesome. Speeding up operations certainly contributed to a profit boost.” — Rockin Rodeo

HungerRush can help you grow

Our no-hassle demo is quick and painless.

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Dig into a treasure trove of customer insights

Go the extra mile to cultivate customer loyalty—without putting in the extra work. Our customer relationship management system (CRM) gives you the insights and direct line to guests you need to maximize retention.

  • Fully own all your customer data, then build a data-driven marketing machine with it
  • Turn dine-in guests into long-term advocates of your brand with loyalty and marketing integration
  • Never lose an order again: Caller ID management and customer tracking gives you real-time order stats for every customer in your database
  • Reduce training and clutter, one coupon can accommodate multiple deals with Pick Any and Required Item features

Loyalty members at Piezoni’s place orders over 100% more frequently as non-members—read the case study.

Manage labor, inventory, the kitchen… all the things

Running your front-of-house with five different tools is a recipe for integration frustration. We bring all your systems under one umbrella to unlock a new level of efficiency.

  • Intelligent inventory-management helps you connect servers, guests, and orders in an instant
  • Manage employee schedules, payroll, messaging, and labor costs from anywhere
  • Never lose an order between the POS and kitchen with custom, auto kitchen display screens

“We saw labor cost drop 10% right away because of the biometric fingerprint authentication feature!” — Electric Cowboy Nightclub

Ingredients in the trash is a thing of the past

The HungerRush Dashboard in the point of sale system provides the information you need to make smart, real-time decisions about your restaurant.

  • Recipe and menu costing offers clarity into your profits and margins
  • Find the cracks where food waste tanks your margins, then seal them up
  • Conveniently manage your vendors, track inventory, and create purchase orders

“ HungerRush’s system keeps a far better track of inventory, the customer database…everything, really!” — Sarappo’s

Access a birds-eye view of your entire business

Never make big decisions in the dark again. Our restaurant POS solutions let you access reports for every area of your business, whenever you are, so you can manage growth with confidence.

  • Set key performance indicator updates to let you know if you’re on track.
  • Pinpoint your spend and revenue with labor costing and custom reports
  • Pursue volume and growth the smart way with packaged reports for your entire team

“HungerRush allows me to have more control over the entire operation of my store. I don’t think we could have gotten so far so quickly if we hadn’t had a POS system like this.” — Slice of the 80’s

The HungerRush restaurant POS integrates with our complete Restaurant Management System

Connect all your business systems, from online ordering to loyalty and multi-unit reporting, in one integrated platform that does it all.

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