Serve every customer
with a side of convenience

Infuse your brand and menu into your customer’s daily life with a polished app that’s a breeze to use. Whether they’re ordering for takeout or dine-in, they’ll love how easy it is to engage with your restaurant.

  • Pamper patrons with sophisticated ordering features: curbside vehicle identifier, custom orders, pre-orders large and small
  • Display a customizable tracker on every order to keep guests in the loop
  • Super fast login-to-purchase process: customers can see past orders and re-order their favorites

“Now busy parents getting off work can place an order, run into Crush Taco, and be out the door with a secure transaction in less than a minute.” — Crush Taco

HungerRush can help you scale

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Build customer relationships and turn one visit into ten

The HungerRush mobile ordering system is so much more than a digital menu. It’s a place to market your enterprise or franchise, tell your story, and build trust and loyalty with your guests.

  • Send push notifications to customers to pull them back into your food experience
  • Help customers find you in seconds with easy multi-unit store locators
  • Instant integration with marketing and loyalty modules so you can serve customers over the long-term

“The app is integrated seamlessly and it is awesome to give this option to our customers.” — Texas Steak Express

It’s your mobile storefront, you
have the power

Create a fully-branded virtual world where you meet customers where they are. Effortlessly see metrics, get key-insights, and focus on scaling your multi-unit business. Leave the technical side to us.

  • Simple set up: create a unique mobile app experience, or mirror your digital ordering platform
  • Integrates with management and reporting to give you access to the metrics that drive your business
  • Built from the ground-up with a security-forward infrastructure you can rely on

“Being able to remote login to our system or use an app on our phones to check sales–it’s just mind-blowing!” — Hot Tomato Cafe

The HungerRush mobile ordering app integrates with our complete Restaurant Management System

Connect all your business systems, from online ordering to loyalty and multi-unit reporting, in one integrated platform that does it all.

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