It’s about time.

Nothing is more valuable to your customers than time. HungerRush 360 enables you to serve your customers where and when it’s convenient for them with online ordering and delivery options.


Win on quality, compete on convenience.

Improve accessibility and visibility with value-added features that boost your bottom line.

  • Make it easy.

    Make it easy.

    Go digital with ordering capabilities through your website, app, or text.

  • Supersize sales.

    Supersize sales.

    Increase average order size with in-cart upsells.

  • Put safety first.

    Put safety first.

    Give customers delivery options that work for them, like curbside pickup, takeout, and no-contact delivery.

Set yourself up for growth, no matter your size.

  • Foundation
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

    Turn your tables and reap better returns.

    Take your full-service restaurant to the next level and grow your business with confidence. Shorten wait times, increase order frequency, and boost sales volume. Our system will keep your restaurant running smoothly.

full service simplify

Simplify the complex.

full service simplify

Are customized orders making your head spin? Do exotic menu modifications create an operational meltdown? It won’t with a platform designed to make the ordering experience smooth, flexible, and fast. With real-time rapid order input built-in, even the most complicated orders – and multiple checks – won’t even register on your radar.

full service process orders

Process orders quickly.

full service process orders

Take orders effortlessly and fast at the table or outside at patios, curbside and via the drive-thru with our full-featured tablet POS that provides a full shift’s worth of performance. Eliminate long lines during rushed so you serve more customers. And maximize every order with server-side prompts and upselling suggestions.

full service trim turnaround

Trim turnaround time.

full service trim turnaround

Increase order accuracy with real-time order input. Reduce wait times with a fully integrated kitchen display system that tracks orders with the touch of a button. And serve your customers quickly and confidently with equipment designed to accommodate order speed and volume.

full service cash out

Cash out quickly.

full service cash out

With our handheld ordering system, you can liberate your POS from the front of the restaurant and checkout guests faster. Maximize efficiency with cash management and audits for no-hassle cash outs, sales reporting, and tip-outs for your wait staff. Your servers and guests will enjoy fast payment processing at the table. Servers don’t have to add the tips to the credit card. And you can accelerate table turnover by accepting payment and sending digital receipts right on the spot.

Buyer’s Checklist: 12 Tips for choosing the right tech for your restaurant.

Evaluating new technology for your growing restaurant can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. Here’s a handy shortcut to help guide your decision.

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