Take back the wheel.

Customers have more choices than ever when it comes to getting their food. Accommodate multiple delivery and takeout options without sacrificing all your profits to third-party delivery services.

  • Handle changes without breaking a sweat.

    Handle changes without breaking a sweat.

    Assign and manage deliveries at the touch of a button.

  • Be delightfully contactless.

    Be delightfully contactless.

    Let customers choose how and where their food is delivered.

  • Set a faster pace.

    Set a faster pace.

    Reduce delivery time and labor costs and enjoy the extra boost in customer satisfaction.


Serve guests on their terms.


Now more than ever, customers want options when it comes to food delivery. With HungerRush, you can gain more repeat business by giving customers what they want. Monitor delivery orders and manage customer expectations whether they choose contactless pickup, curbside service, or third-party delivery.


Get in the driver’s seat.


The quickest and most cost-effective way to get orders into your delivery customers’ hands is to get behind the wheel. Assign and manage deliveries at the touch of a button using a built-in dispatch screen. Efficiency tools help you get orders out the door and to customers faster. Integrated drive-thru and kiosk ordering expand your options even further.


Give customers peace of mind.


Taking extra care with orders builds consumer confidence and encourages repeat business. Assure customers their food is clean and untouched by anyone outside your kitchen with tamper-evident receipt labels. Customers can have fun with personalized order names, and you can use printed QR codes to promote online engagement with your brand.


    A POS that actually plays well with other systems.

    “We switched to HungerRush because we’d heard good reviews from their customers. HungerRush provided one thing that no other POS could – integration with Embed.”

    A POS that actually plays well with other systems.
    Deborah Stone
    Gatti’s Pizza

Put deliveries in the fast lane.


Take charge of your delivery fleet and watch your profits soar. By optimizing your delivery operations, you can drive an improved customer experience and earn higher margins on delivery orders.

Curbside Pick-up

Ensure contactless service using multiple ordering channels and digital payment.

Delivery & Carryout

Manage multiple drivers, recall trip details, and track routes in real time.


Gain operational insight using detailed data on past, present, and future orders.

Receipt Labels

Give peace of mind to customers that their food is clean and untouched.

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