Patios, curbside, drive-thru:
Sell anywhere on-site

Open up new opportunities for real-time orders at the table or outside with a tablet POS system. When you’re not restricted to the checkout counter, you’re free to grow faster.

  • Speed up table turnover by accepting payment and sending digital receipts on the spot
  • Bust long lines quickly during rushes so you can serve more customers
  • The same fast-paced interface your team is familiar with on all HungerRush devices

Eight full hours of battery life to get you through your entire shift.

HungerRush can help you grow

Our no-hassle tablet POS system demo is quick and painless.

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Create happier,
higher-spend guest experiences

Captivate guests with an ordering experience that’s smooth, flexible, and fast. And with server-side prompts and upselling suggestions, you can make the most of every order.

  • Increase order values with suggestive selling
  • Maximize order accuracy real-time order input
  • Helps guests checkout faster

“We’re working together on everything from suggestive selling to menu formatting to ensure our guests are happier and spend more during every experience.” — Flyers Pizza

Durably Designed for Fast-Paced Restaurants Like Yours

Serve customers quickly and confidently with equipment made for performance.

  • Eight hours of performance, a full shift’s-worth
  • Offline payments enabled
  • Secure EMV chip transactions

“Our servers like the ability to process payment at the table and they don’t have to add their tips on the credit cards. The tablet is convenient, easy to use and makes for better time management.” — Joe Z., Six-Location Bar and Restaurant

The HungerRush handheld
ordering system integrates
with our complete Restaurant Management System

Connect all your business systems, from online ordering to loyalty and multi-unit reporting, in one integrated platform that does it all.

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