Designing the look of your online ordering page just got easier

Now HungerRush Online Ordering customers can save time and effort by using Designer. Designer includes a step-by-step wizard, making it easy to design the online ordering platform that makes the most of the power of your brand. And best of all – it natively meets the requirements of responsive web design: You can see how your site will look on other devices and form factors like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

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Faster turnaround on improvements to your online ordering website

Control changes to your site and stay closer to the market. Choose from a large selection of colors, fonts, layouts, and themes to create a unique, recognizable look that drives loyalty and repeat business.

HungerRush can help you grow

Our no-hassle online ordering demo is quick and painless.


Take control of your brand

Forget boring and ineffective online stores. Designer allows you to create a branded digital ordering experience so your customers can enjoy a smooth buying experience online that is an extension of in-store ordering. If you have CSS or HTML expertise in house, Designer accelerates your time-to-value by giving you even more freedom to customize your site.
With Designer, you can manage a polished site without the support of an agency or design team.

Your online ordering site should celebrate too

With Designer, you can create online designs aligned to special events like Valentine’s Day or Super Bowl. Add promotions tied to the event and stand out from your competitors.