Raise the bar.

With table and mobile ordering systems you can shorten wait times so patrons keep coming back for more. You can also bust long lines quickly during rushes so you can serve more customers. And ensure order accuracy with real-time order input.


Go with the flow.

Keep pours consistent and orders accurate with bartender-specific features and screens.

  • Keep your cool.

    Keep your cool.

    Tame rushes with line-busting features that help you serve more guests with less stress.

  • Modify on the fly.

    Modify on the fly.

    Make menu changes in seconds and roll them out across locations with ease.

  • Check out with ease.

    Check out with ease.

    Eliminate hassles at checkout with intuitive split tabs, split payments, and quick tender buttons.

Take your profits to the next level.

  • Foundation
  • Growth

    Keep drinks flowing and business growing.

    Bar none, this is the one system you need to keep your nightclub or bar a shining example of efficiency. All the information you need to manage and grow your business – from eliminating internal theft to lowering food waste – is available in one easy-to-access system.


Keep tabs on tabs.


Open tabs instantly and access your patrons’ tabs quickly with a single swipe of the card. Data access is comprehensive, including names, last four digits of credit/debit card, order numbers, and more. Use card pre-authorization to ensure open tabs are paid, even if the customer walks out. Customers can reorder and pay quickly without wait staff or bartenders making trips back and forth to the POS.


Take stock.


With full-featured liquor control, you can ensure your supply meets customer demand. Monitor your liquor inventory and costing for greater control over supply and margins. Full-featured single dashboard provides reporting and cash management so you have a handle on every drop and penny while streamlining costs and promoting profitability.


Safeguard your revenue.


Protect your profitability. Take advantage of biometric fingerprint authentication, blind cash outs, and other theft-proof features to eliminate loss and shrinkage. Make every step highly visible and transparent with superior tracking, reporting, and cash management features all from a single console.


Track sales data.


Access precise, actionable business intelligence data that you can use to grow your business. With robust reporting on a user-friendly dashboard, you have precision sales data across your entire operation. You can set key performance indicator updates to let you know if you’re business is on track. And download custom reports so you can learn which areas need to be tweaked to increase revenue.

Buyer’s Checklist: 12 Tips for choosing the right tech for your restaurant.

Evaluating new technology for your growing restaurant can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. Here’s a handy shortcut to help guide your decision.

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