Bar & Nightclub Restaurant Management System

The HungerRush bar & nightclub restaurant management system makes it easier for your nightclub or bar to keep revenue up and costs down.

Enter an Order in Seconds

HungerRush POS makes order taking fast and accurate, especially when things are busy in a bar setting. Your nightclub point of sale screens will have a custom look and order flow that makes it easy to find items and place orders for quick processing.

  • Product logo buttons to make order taking fast and easy
  • Bartender Speed Screen ability to pick the starting screen for bartenders for faster order entry
  • Easily configured happy hour pricing allows you to set the time of day and day of week
  • Quick tender buttons to close tabs fast
  • Split tabs and split payments are simple and intuitive
  • Integrated table management to know the status of a table’s order at any given moment
HungerRush - Enter Orders in Seconds
HungerRush - Manage Bar With Ease

Manage Hundreds of Bar Tabs with Ease

Open a tab with the swipe of a card – HungerRush’s bar & nightclub POS system captures the name and last 4 digits of the customer’s credit card.

  • Credit card pre-authorization signature receipt guarantees funds if the customer walks
  • Close order with pre-authorization only and does not require you to see the card again
  • Recommended tip percentage can be printed on credit card receipts
  • Look up open tabs  by name, order number or last 4 credit card digits
  • Open tabs can be accessed from any bar POS station regardless of where the tab was opened
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Advanced Bar POS Features

Bar-specific features in HungerRush POS, like filtered ticket printing, management of “price by duration” offerings, and easy-to-understand table layouts, can improve staff performance and reduce costs. These POS features for your bar include:

  • Drink recipes are visible and printable from the order screen to keep pours consistent
  • Print bar prep ticket based on order type
  • Menu and screen layout changes based on labor type
  • Graphical layout of your bar is visible in the POS
  • Customer database allows you to capture information for future marketing
  • Email promotion or event news to customers directly through the POS system
  • Price by Duration feature is the perfect solution to manage items like Pool Tables or VIP rooms
HungerRush - Advanced Bar POS

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HungerRush - Dashboard Reports

Dashboard-Style Reporting for Bar Management

  • Easy-to-read graphical dashboard with most important information
  • Compare actual and target sales and labor goals
  • Overtime alerts help management proactively manage labor costs
  • Labor scheduling prevents time theft and restricts system access
  • Bar Metrix show bartender specific KPIs and performance ratings

Track Every Penny & Drop

HungerRush POS includes complete server and bartender cash management and liquor control

  • Track & audit servers’ order modifications, discounts & payment activity
  • Required tip declaration tools
  • Cashier/bartender blind cash out feature
  • Quick tip edit and credit card reconciliation tool
  • Ideal vs actual liquor inventory tracking
  • Liquor inventory monitoring in the POS
  • Spill and Comp order adjustments for proper tracking of liquor usage
HungerRush - Track Every Penny

“After years of research, I made the switch to HungerRush because of the system’s ease of use. HungerRush is more user friendly than any other system I’ve worked with, hands down…”


revention pos theft prevention dashboard

Make Your Bar Theft-Proof

Cash control and audit tools are critical to your bottom line. HungerRush POS offers numerous and simple ways for you to check up on your nightclub or bar’s activities to be sure you’re not missing anything.

  • Removed ticket items report
  • Biometric fingerprint authentication to prevent theft and early clock-in
  • Blind cash out for drawer reconciliation
  • Advanced security controls monitor employees and track patterns of theft or misuse

Reduce Credit Card Inaccuracies - Increase Customer Satisfaction

Avoid multiple pre-authorizations for a single purchase that may appear to look like duplicate purchases to your customers. This feature is overlooked by many investigating a POS solution for a bar or nightclub.

Example: A customer opens a tab and a $25 dollar pre-authorization is applied to the customer’s credit card. The customer’s tab rises to $36 before settling the credit card.

Most POS software products will handle this by adding 2 transactions to the customer’s card: one for the original $25 and one for the full amount of $36. The original $25 transaction will fall off in 2-3 days because it’s only a temporary hold.

HungerRush POS handles this situation the right way – the customer leaves your bar with only one charge for the total final amount. In the case of the example, they’ll only see a charge for $36 appear on their card. This eliminates those Monday calls to your business inquiring about duplicate charges and keeps the level of trust in your establishment intact.

True U.S. Based Customer Service

HungerRush understands that restaurants have different hours than the normal business 8am-5pm.

TRUE LIVE U.S. BASED SUPPORT - NO outsourcing, NO call centers, NO on call services - you will speak with a HungerRush customer support agent from our HungerRush headquarters with little to no wait time. Dealing with the source of the software allows for faster results when it comes to resolving an issue and implementing custom requests.

  • U.S. HungerRush-staffed support center
  • 1-877-738-7444 Customer support number
  • Certified technicians who understand a restaurant's sense of urgency

See Firsthand How HungerRush Can Help Your Restaurant

HungerRush is a fully integrated restaurant management system that lets the restaurant own the relationship with their customer. It creates guest experiences to drive repeat business, makes customer data accessible to analyze and put into action, and creates operational efficiencies to increase profit margins. All in an easy-to-use and highly configurable system. 

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