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HungerRush online ordering provides an exceptional online and mobile ordering experience for your customers and makes it easier for your restaurant to manage online orders.  New call-to-action to see it in action.

Curious how the guest experience continues to evolve?

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Boost Your Restaurant Sales

With today’s customers requiring on-demand information, your restaurant’s menu and ability to order online is no exception. Restaurant sales are proven to increase when online or mobile app ordering is available. The average online order is 15% higher than the average in-store check. This is why you need an online ordering system from HungerRush.

A restaurant online ordering system also provides other benefits for your restaurant including:

  • Increase customer order frequency with exclusive online promotions (first order, online ordering specials, limited-time offers, etc.)
  • Reduce labor costs related to employee order-taking
  • Improve customer satisfaction by preventing hold time
  • Mobile options provide the ability to place an order anytime, anywhere
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HungerRush - Boost Sales
HungerRush - Advanced POS

Advanced POS Technology

Our Research & Development team is committed to developing premier products for the restaurant industry using advanced technology that brings the point of sale and online ordering capabilities into a single system.

HungerRush online ordering software features:

  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Integrated Google Analytics so you know how many people went to your ordering page
  • Integrated loyalty program that gives invaluable insight into who your customers are and their spending habits
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Convenient Customer Experience

Allowing customers to control their online and mobile food ordering experience promotes repeat business. Through your restaurant online ordering platform customers have the ability to:

  • Order as a guest
  • Use a Facebook account to login
  • Set up an account & save multiple delivery addresses
  • Save past & favorite orders
  • Enroll in the Loyalty Program or Email Club
  • Place future orders
  • Store their credit card in the Mobile App
HungerRush - Convenient Customer Experience

Enable Your Customers No Contact Delivery

Let your customers choose how and where they want their food with a contactless delivery option.

  • Empower your guests to choose delivery to their door without a direct hand off by their driver.
  • Message notes can be saved to a customer’s profile for future orders and to promote offers.
  • Keep more money in your pocket with in-house delivery instead of paying commissions to third-parties.

Secure Online Ordering

HungerRush Online Ordering is a Level 1 PCI-DSS Certified Provider.

  • The PCI Securities Standards Council sets forth regulations that service providers must adhere to by receiving an annual assessment and obtaining certification
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance is required for all service providers processing 300,000+ transactions annually
  • It is your legal obligation as an organization transmitting and processing cardholder data to protect your customers’ sensitive credit card information
  • To verify if an online ordering company has been approved as a PCI-DSS Certified service provider, visit the Visa and MasterCard websites:
    Visa Global Registry of Service Providers
    Master Card PCI Compliant Service Provider List

Enhanced Restaurant Management Tools

The HungerRush Online Ordering Admin Portal provides dashboards, reporting, and hundreds of configuration options for your restaurant’s online ordering website.

  • Real-time online sales data is available online or at the store
  • Define customer zones for your delivery area using Google Earth
  • Dashboard views display sales history for quick comparison analysis
  • Management reporting for Top Stores, Bottom Stores, Top Coupons, Bottom Coupons, Orders, etc.
  • Customer activity reports include Lazy Customer, One Time Customers and New Customers
HungerRush - Enhanced Restaurant Management Tools
hungry howie's online ordering platform

HungerRush Digital Ordering FAQs

What is a restaurant online ordering system?

A restaurant online ordering system is a platform through which customers can order food for delivery or pickup from a restaurant. An online ordering system typically consists of two components: a website and/or mobile app in addition to an administrator interface that allows you to track real-time online sales data, define customer zones for delivery, and get reports for store performance, order statistics and more.

Can I use the HungerRush digital ordering system as a website?

Having an online ordering system is a great way to make the ordering process convenient and easy for your customers. With HungerRush digital ordering you’ll have an integrated online ordering experience that fits perfectly with your brand. You’ll also receive the benefits of integrated custom branding, secure credit card processing, Google Analytics, and integrated reporting with HungerRush.

Why do customers want to order online?

Online ordering makes getting great food from favorite restaurants convenient, simple and fast. Online ordering offers flexibility and time savings for your customers that other channels may not. With the current coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, online ordering is essential now more than ever. Businesses in cities with shelter-in-place orders are having to adapt to changing consumer behavior. HungerRush digital ordering can help your business match consumer behavior and be well equipped for the future.

Is web hosting included?

Web hosting is included as part of our digital ordering system.

Is the website mobile friendly?

Yes! The integrated HungerRush online ordering platform is mobile friendly. We also offer a mobile ordering app, that’s great for franchises and multi-unit restaurants. For more information about our HungerRush mobile app, click here.

Can I process my orders online?

Yes! The HungerRush digital ordering system brings point of sale and online ordering capabilities into one feature-rich system, which includes integrated credit card processing, no-contact messaging, delivery services and enhanced restaurant management tools.

How long does it take to set up online ordering?

We offer basic onboarding that can have you up and running in a few days. If you want more custom requirements, it can take 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your requests. Most customer are online in 1-2 weeks.

How can online ordering help my business?

Having a user-friendly, integrated platform is crucial today because customers want convenience and have come to expect online ordering to be easy and intuitive. Restaurants sales increase when online and mobile app ordering is available. The average online order is typically 15% higher than the average in-store check. In addition to these features, you can also increase customer order frequency and give customers the convenience and flexibility they need. The HungerRush digital ordering system also offers no-contact and curbside messaging, DoorDash driver services and because we are a technology company focused on restaurants, we have new features always being added to our platform. Are you ready to get started with your own digital ordering system?

Fast & Effortless Restaurant Management

Real-time menu and coupon updates made to HungerRush Restaurant & Delivery Management System are pushed to HungerRush Online Ordering with the click of a button – just that quick and easy!

  • One hundred percent compatible with HungerRush POS
  • Automated process guarantees order accuracy
  • Quickly manage estimated carryout and delivery times on HungerRush POS
  • Send marketing campaigns from HungerRush POS to online customers via email
HungerRush - Fast & Effortless Restaurant Management

Restaurant Mobile App Experience

Customers ordering from your restaurant’s mobile app have access to the same features offered online. Your customers can:

  • Create a user profile
  • Save favorite and past orders
  • Place future orders
  • Store credit card information for multiple cards
  • Check their rewards and apply offers
  • Lighting fast 20-second ordering with quick 4 button re-order process

Own Your Customer Data

Restaurant owners realize the benefits of owning their customer data. They have processes in place to make sure they can optimize their data and put it to the best use possible. Owning your customer data allows you to:

  • Better Understand Customers: learn when they're most likely to place an online order, how much they're willing to spend, and which promotions appeal to which types of customers
  • Communicate More Effectively: efficiently and effectively communicate and market to your customer base by learning how and when they like to be reached
  • Retain Customers: with any relationship, the foundation of trust is built with effective communication and understanding. Owning your customer data gives you a better understanding of customer needs and how to address them

Seamless Integration for Your Restaurant

Like online ordering, the mobile app sends orders securely to your HungerRush POS software to be processed. To date, 1000+ customized HungerRush Online Ordering apps have been published in the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace.

  • Tailored design matches your concept’s online theme
  • Mobile App menu updates automatically when online ordering menu us updated
  • Online ordering settings are synchronized with Mobile App
  • Integrated custom loyalty that allows customers to view and redeem rewards
  • Additional functions can be added such as location finder, promotions, and news

HungerRush Mobile App

The HungerRush Mobile App flows effortlessly and logically walks the customer through the ordering process.

HungerRush Online Ordering Top Benefits

Built into the HungerRush POS System

All built by a single team, your online ordering system isn’t “bolted onto” the software. They are made to work together for consistent information online and in the stores. When you make a change to the point of sale menu, it will immediately update the online menu. The in-store menu and online menu will never be out of sync.

Credit card transactions also flow directly into the point of sale, allowing tips to be added after the initial order placement online. A credit card transaction online is displayed in the store and can be modified if necessary.

Fastest Mobile Ordering Apps in the World

HungerRush began developing custom mobile applications as early as 2010 for both iOS and Android. During initial testing, we realized the other mobile ordering applications would crash or error out when the internet or data connection was slow or disconnected. HungerRush solved this problem with our patent-pending technology that incorporates a data file within the app that houses all of the menu and coupon data. The only time a HungerRush mobile application requires a data connection is upon login at the beginning of the order-taking process and upon the final step of submitting the order.

We have conducted numerous tests with other prominently used mobile ordering applications. The HungerRush mobile applications are faster in every case and will continue to allow order entry while the data connection is compromised.

Level 1 PCI-Compliant Online Service Provider

Security is a critical element of online ordering. Your customers are entering their personal data and credit card information into your company-branded online ordering site. A breach would severely impact your customers and tarnish your brand reputation. Some brands can never recover from such an event.

Do not do business with an online ordering service provider that is not listed on the Visa and MasterCard PCI-compliant certified list. To be on this list, the online ordering service environment will need to be reviewed and tested by a certified third-party PCI assessor. The report will be submitted to the card brands for validation. Your customer’s data security must be a priority.

Supports AVS Validation for Credit Card Processing

Address verification is the perfect feature to assist in reducing card-not-present transaction fraud. It is important for you to validate that the feature is supported by both your point of sale, credit card gateway and credit card processor.

HungerRush partnered with Vantiv for AVS verification. HungerRush Online Ordering can be configured to require the Billing Zip Code. Vantiv will validate the zip code before charging the customer’s card. If the billing zip code does not match, the transaction will be declined. Some online ordering solutions offer AVS, but it is important to validate how the processor handles the information. We have seen some processors decline the transaction, but a pending charge will still appear on the account for 72 hours. You don’t want to take the call!

Integrated HungerRush Loyalty Service

The HungerRush loyalty service is integrated into the HungerRush POS systems as well.  Whether the customer signs up for the loyalty service online or in-store, the customer will begin earning points immediately.

The online ordering site and mobile applications provide the customer with a Reward status section that displays a visual graphic showing how far the customer is from earning the next reward. HungerRush loyalty is a white label solution and can be customized to each brand.

See Firsthand How HungerRush Can Help Your Restaurant

HungerRush is a fully integrated restaurant management system that lets the restaurant own the relationship with their customer. It creates guest experiences to drive repeat business, makes customer data accessible to analyze and put into action, and creates operational efficiencies to increase profit margins. All in an easy-to-use and highly configurable system.

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