Pizza del Aureos

“I was looking for a POS system that could give me better information about my deliveries. After looking at the HungerRush system, I felt confident that this system could give me better information than I was getting from my old Aloha system. Delivery is a large part of my business and the better information I can get from my POS system, the better I can serve my customers.

Aloha was not doing what I needed to do. They have a delivery component called Aloha Takeout that they sort of stuck onto Aloha. It didn’t interface properly and caused all sorts of problems. I knew I needed a new POS, so I did my homework and asked lots of questions. Every time I asked Ross at HungerRush if the system could do this or that, the answer was always yes! I was specifically interested in being able to see reports of when deliveries were going out, so I could see what was or wasn’t going out on time. With HungerRush, I can see this anytime I want and go as far back as I want. I can even run a query that shows me specific employees that are consistently delivering late. With Aloha, I could only look at delivery times for one day, which didn’t do me much good! Aloha is just a dealer, they are not the ones creating the software. Every time there was an issue, I would call and they would say: ‘Oh I have to ask Aloha.’ With HungerRush, they create the software, hardware, and even have their own integrated online and mobile ordering software. HungerRush has been great every step of the way, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants their business to succeed!!”