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“Future’s system was horrible, it wasn’t set up right and we were sold an old version of the system. Their Customer Service department was the worst. The system crashed all the time at night and we had to wait until morning to call someone. Because they have resellers, you would have to then wait for a tech to be paged and they would call you back 5 hours later. One of their techs came, crashed the system, and then said ‘Sorry I can’t fix it’. I was the one that actually ended up fixing the system! I slept in the restaurant for 3 nights straight and stood in the same spot for 13 hours at a time. Future’s sales guy kept calling me every 8 hours to try and sell me a new system- I didn’t want it! I finally had to block his calls. He reminded me of a slimy used car salesman. That week I got a call from a sales person at HungerRush- the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Mistakes have been cut WAY down and there has been a huge drop in the amount of voids and comps. We love HungerRush so much- even Grandma has nothing but good things to say about it!”