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“I switched from Future POS to HungerRush because I hated the system. I had Future POS for about a year and I was ready to throw their system out the window. The system was clunky and not friendly for pizza shops like me. Simple tasks like doing a half pizza order, delivery, or changing the menu were overly complex. I also had NO control over the security of my system to protect from employee theft. Simply horrible for a manager to control. After seeing HungerRush could do I was sold, and after installation and once my wife got using it, we knew we finally made a good decision. It provides all the security and customization we needed. HungerRush was able to customize features based on how we want to use it to match our business concept and the other way around. We also decided to start using their HungerRush Online Ordering System. We love that it has a flat rate and no recurring fee like GrubHub. We save a bunch of money using HungerRush and try getting all our customers to use it through coupons and other promotions. Prior to GrubHub, we had several complaints about drivers and the food being cold. That is a non-issue now! Overall, HungerRush has been everything I’ve wanted and more. I now recommend HungerRush to all my friends and family.”