Your chief of operations, marketing, and finance all in one.

Give your organization the same tools used by industry-leading franchises so you can operate at the top tier of skill and efficiency, even with a small team.

  • Increase sales with seamless ordering and loyalty experiences that work on any device

    Increase sales with seamless ordering and loyalty experiences that work on any device

  • Bring scheduling, inventory, and other operational systems into one hub

    Bring scheduling, inventory, and other operational systems into one hub

  • See all your reports and metrics anywhere with cloud-based data and offline functionality

    See all your reports and metrics anywhere with cloud-based data and offline functionality

“We were using five third-party providers, but eliminated them all in favor of HungerRush. Not only have we improved sales, we have improved profit margin as well. Our internal efficiency metrics are way better.” — Tony, JB Alberto’s

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Create an ordering experience that rivals the big players.

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Delight your guests with an in-house POS and online ordering that are easy to use, designed to match your brand, and optimized for customer retention.

  • Punch above your weight with seamless online, mobile app, and handheld tablet ordering
  • Create sophisticated rewards and marketing programs to lock-in customer loyalty
  • Expand your reach with integrated third-party delivery (and keep your customer data)

“Most customers visit our restaurants slightly less than twice per month. However, members of our Loyalty program visit four times per month. Double the rate of non-members!” — Victor Martinez, Piezoni’s

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Control your operation with reporting you’ll actually use.

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Go from putting out daily fires to managing a proactive, well-oiled machine. HungerRush offers clean and insightful cloud-based reports that put you in the driver’s seat.

  • Whether you run one location or five, all your data is located in one central hub
  • Explore robust reporting on sales trends, inventory, labor, payroll, and beyond
  • Discover areas of improvement, track progress, and create a business that works for you

200+ customizable report types for complete access to the direction and health of your entire business.

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We’ve been in your shoes. Help is here when you need it.

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HungerRush is made up of former restaurant owners and industry experts who know what it’s like to be the captain of the ship. We’ve seen it all and are here to walk alongside your growth journey.

  • 100% US-based customer success teams, stacked with restaurant industry experts
  • Fine-tuned training and onboarding that gets you up-and-running at lightning speed

Support experts are US-based and we are committed to being here when you need us.

HungerRush can help you thrive.

The only restaurant management platform designed to give small restaurant teams big brand power.

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Running a sustainable restaurant never looked so easy.

HungerRush 360 helps you manage every aspect of your business in one platform to keep chaos low and sales high and drive the best possible guest experience.

  • Master Daily Operations

    Master Daily Operations

    Simplify menus, loyalty, inventory, reporting and beyond on a global level.

  • Unified Brand Experience

    Unified Brand Experience

    Create a seamless brand experience your customers love at any location or on any device.

  • Fully Integrated

    Fully Integrated

    Enterprise POS system, loyalty, operations—it’s all connected in a single modern platform.

  • US-Based Support

    US-Based Support

    World-class customer service with industry experts based in the United States.

  • Own Your Customers

    Own Your Customers

    Synchronize customer data from every touchpoint to enable world-class marketing.

  • Business Analytics

    Business Analytics

    Cloud-based reporting and management offer business clarity and control anywhere.

What type of restaurant are you?

  • Fast Casual

    A great Pickleman’s sandwich begins with Great Bread, and can be customized to meet your liking. With locations from Kirkwood, MO, to Norman, OK, Pickleman’s has been making residents of the Midwest happy since 2005.

    “I switched from Micros to HungerRush because I was looking for a more efficient and user friendly POS system. Micros was horrible, and they didn’t offer online ordering or mobile apps.”

    “HungerRush’s sales process, as well as installation and training, were all fantastic; my installer was awesome and made the whole transition go very smoothly. I would definitely recommend HungerRush POS to others!”

    — Kevin Moss, Pickleman’s Gourmet Café

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  • Quick Service

    El Limon Taqueria operates nine locations across Pennsylvania, and the existing POS system was feeling clunkier by the day. They were ready for a more user-friendly system.

    • Faster order entry and happier customers
    • Reduced employee stress and technology fatigue
    • Effortless reporting and payroll

    “HungerRush is very straightforward and so much easier to use. I love HungerRush’s split ticket feature—I use it so frequently now! I don’t know how I was getting by without it before HungerRush. I also love getting my reports emailed to me every day and now doing payroll is effortless.”

    Karina Vargas, El Limon Taqueria

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  • Pizza

    “I switched back to HungerRush POS after using Speedline POS for 3 days. We now have 3 locations with HungerRush. I really like the customer support we get from HungerRush. They are available 24/7. Their order entry is the best in the market It’s very intuitive and there are no wasted keystrokes.

    We have a high-volume restaurant and bar here and we require a system like that. Another thing that only HungerRush has is the ability to change drawers quickly. We do a lot of volume, and being able to swap drawers without having to reconcile the drawer is a must.

    With HungerRush, we can swap drawers quickly and we can reconcile later; allowing us to maintain the business rhythm and keeping up with the volume. From a management perspective, HungerRush also suites me extremely well, I get reports of all my delivery profits, and I’m able to see all my operational efficiencies which allow me to properly correct and make adjustments. I highly recommend HungerRush.”

    Ed Love, Frank’s Pizza

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