Saccone’s Pizza & Subs

Saccone’s Pizza & Subs

Saccone’s Pizza & Subs, based in Leander, Texas, produces award-winning pizza complete with house-made signature sauce.

When owner Dan Saccone opened his first location in 1997, he created his own point of sale (POS) system by outsourcing the coding and development to a friend. But as Saccone’s grew, Dan realized that if he wanted his restaurant to continue its upward growth trajectory, he needed to implement a modern, customizable POS system that is purposefully-built for pizzerias. 

Dan looked for a POS system that was easy to use and learn, built on a modern architecture, and had flexibility to support future technology enhancements.   

Saccone’s chose the HungerRush restaurant management system for its simple, intuitive design.  He was impressed by his waitstaff’s ability to learn the system quickly and be productive on the first day.  The customization available in the HungerRush POS system helps Saccone’s improve order accuracy and eliminate mistakes from handwritten tickets.  Saccone’s also implemented HungerRush’s online ordering system and began using third party delivery to service the restaurant’s growing customer base.   

For Saccone’s, selecting the HungerRush point of sale system has helped the restaurant grow and flourish, providing upgrades and integrations as technology advances to keep up with changing customer habits.   

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