Customer Stories

  • Fajita Pete’s

    With a company like HungerRush, scalability became a non-issue because once we had it down at one Fajita Pete’s, we were able to take that model, treat it as a module, and plug it into our next stores.

  • Roostar Vietnamese Grill

    One of the favorite things we love about HungerRush, the majority of our sales come from the off-premises market, during the pandemic our digital sales tripled, having HungerRush as a partner enabled ease of use, allowed customers to order things so conveniently.

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Case Studies

  • Dairy Queen


    How long have you been in the food service industry, Patricia?
    I’ve worked with Dairy Queen approximately 11 years now.

    Was there a particular issue that led you to choosing an all-in-one POS system like HungerRush?
    HungerRushs ability to process using multiple credit card processors and menu flexibility led our company to select the HungerRush all-in-one POS. We wanted to be able to eliminate the separate gift card terminal that was not communicating with our current POS.

    Businesswise, do you feel that modern technology, specifically an all-in-one solution such as HungerRush, is mandatory in today’s highly competitive restaurant industry?
    Modern technology is not mandatory in today’s restaurant industry, but it does enable a competitive edge against other restaurants that have not updated. A concern with modern technology is that it can increase your vulnerability against attacks. We wanted a solution that would update our equipment and provide some prevention methods against the vulnerabilities in today’s POS environment. In remote locations, modern technology is often a challenge that visiting customers don’t understand. Having reliable internet and telephone service can be a luxury there, while in metropolitan areas it’s expected.

    Do you believe that a POS system has a direct impact on a customer’s experience?
    A POS system can have a direct impact on the customer’s experience since it is usually the barrier between the customer and the products we sell. You could have a clean store, great food and if the POS cannot accept the customer’s order or method of payment, the customer will be unhappy and the sale is lost.

    Speed of service is extremely important for Quick Service concepts – How does HungerRush assist in speeding up your operations?
    HungerRush assists with speeding up our operations because it allows for different order types to be taken at all stations. For instance, cashiers can put in or retrieve drive thru orders on the counter registers to back up the drive thru cashier. Another feature that comes in handy is the ability to start new cash drawers while the manager balances the previous shift drawer. A manager does have to close a drawer before starting a new drawer, but when time allows the manager can go back and balance any closed drawers rather than holding up the new cashier at shift change.

    Had you used a POS system prior to HungerRush, and if so, what can you tell us about the experience?
    Prior to HungerRush we had a POS system that worked well for many years and was serviced locally. Our previous POS equipment and local vendor really set the bar high to find a solution that was going to fit all of our needs. When you’ve had something for many years you know all the ins and outs, the good and bad, and it’s difficult to leap towards something new. Although we are still learning about HungerRush early on and as of today it appears they have solutions for our POS needs.

    If you were to name the best features within HungerRush, what would they be?
    HungerRush’s best features for us have been customer service, menu flexibility, built-in features included with the POS software, buy-back program, data backup that maintains your stats in the system and enterprise to group and consolidate store information and broadcast menus.

    Do you have personal opinions on PCI related issues? Do you think it is important in this day and age to protect sensitive customer data?
    It’s extremely important in this day and age to protect sensitive customer and employee data. As the regulation within the credit card industry changes frequently we wanted a POS that would provide updates to match the needs of the credit card environment.

  • Sbarro


    With digital engagement a top priority for restaurants across segments, point-of-sale (P0S) software is being tasked with powering flexible solutions for brands that need to manage and monitor both online and in-store orders.

    Sbarro LLC- a restaurant chain with more than 600 locations in 28 countries – not only offers diners two different brands, Sbarro and Pizza Cucinova, but also those brands operate within dual segments.

    At its in-mall locations, Sbarro had reached a tipping point with its previous P0S provider. While the solution’s ease of operations were adequate, a lack of integration and menu management services became troubling. The absence of an online ordering integration forced Sbarro to use a third-party vendor. This created significant issues in getting the systems to speak to each other and have consistent pricing.

    A solution presented itself with HungerRush, an integrated online ordering platform that ensures everything matches, from pricing to products to coupons, etc.

    After partnering with HungerRush and implementing its Managed Service solution, Sbarro’s IT team can now focus on technology support, programming and other more strategic items to drive business. Sbarro also uses HungerRush’s Enterprise tool, primarily to check sales, product mix, food cost, service times and labor controls.

    The open architecture of the P0S database and HungerRush ‘s willingness to share data allow Sbarro to access raw customer and transactional data on a daily basis. It then mines the data, providing those insights to marketing, which can then create and deploy offers or specials to existing customers.


Main Street America

“Before HungerRush we were using Aloha, but we really wanted a more universal system. HungerRush provided that element and more – the system was user friendly, offered real time inventory control, clear & concise reporting features, and great back up support. During the process of switching we were treated excellently – HungerRush’s staff is accessible and can be contacted directly, and they show personal care with every situation.”

Iain Evans

Otto’s Pizza, Ice Cream & More

“We were using PDQ POS, but the system was antiquated and difficult to use. We switched to HungerRush because their point of sale is easier to use and the HungerRush staff is very supportive – no b.s. involved. HungerRush addressed and supported all of our different products and needs and provided a total all in one system for our store.”

Les Hall

Lucky Wishbone

“I was using Aloha POS but it had very limited functionality. I switched to HungerRush because not only did their POS provide those functions I was looking for, but the system also increased speed, efficiency and gave me a better overall view of my business. The most impressive features to me were the caller ID capabilities, split check function, and the general interface of the software. HungerRush POS is a good system and they are a nice company to work with.”

Josh Jacobsen

Hot Box Cookies

“Price and effectiveness of the delivery aspect were the two most important issues for me when I switched from Aloha to HungerRush. Before the switch, my reporting was off, my employees were frustrated, and I was unable to efficiently keep track and dispatch my deliveries.

The delivery module of HungerRush has been a huge upgrade from our previous system and the delivery wait time has improved. Delivery restaurants can definitely benefit from a system like HungerRush.”

Corey Rimmel

Crave Cupcakes

“Prior to installing HungerRush we were using Micros POS, but we really needed a more stable system. We were getting calls all the time from staff that something was wrong with the POS in the store and we wanted to eliminate those problems. We switched to HungerRush because we wanted a more stable product in place, and also because HungerRush caters more to the food service industry and independent businesses, whereas Micros was geared more toward hotels, cruise ships, that sort of thing.

We took advantage of HungerRush’s Buyback program and we were very grateful HungerRush bought the old Micros system from us and took it off our hands. Since we switched, our HungerRush POS system is running smoothly and has made a positive impact on our customers and employees. The system never crashes, which was a problem previously with the Micros system. Since HungerRush is Windows-based, both our staff and our managers have found it very easy to learn and use. I’m a big fan of the system and of HungerRush’s team. Their Customer Service department has been great to us. We’re very happy with our decision.”

Brad Dorsey

Bread & Cocoa

“We were using Micros, but we were experiencing a lot of software issues and hardware issues, like printers not working…it was a lot of different stuff, really. Micros also didn’t offer online ordering, which we wanted. We switched to HungerRush for better POS functionality and for HungerRush’s HungerRush online ordering product.

HungerRush’s POS is so much easier to use because everything is very intuitive. Micros was difficult and made a lot of things overly complicated that should be easy, such as menu changes and back of the house functionality. HungerRush also makes it easy to keep track of employees and deal with security issues. I would definitely recommend HungerRush to others!”

Lauren Demasi