Customer Stories

  • Fajita Pete’s

    With a company like HungerRush, scalability became a non-issue because once we had it down at one Fajita Pete’s, we were able to take that model, treat it as a module, and plug it into our next stores.

  • Roostar Vietnamese Grill

    One of the favorite things we love about HungerRush, the majority of our sales come from the off-premises market, during the pandemic our digital sales tripled, having HungerRush as a partner enabled ease of use, allowed customers to order things so conveniently.

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Case Studies

  • Graze! Shared Kitchen


    At Graze! Shared Kitchen in Toledo, Ohio, owner Rod Brant operates three restaurants under a single roof. This unique concept is growing in popularity as restaurant owners adapt to changing consumer preferences for take-out and delivery due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Under the Graze umbrella are three distinct offerings – Oasis Eats Mediterranean, Mozza Pizza and Wings, and Big Knuckle Burgers. Rod describes the delivery and take-out only model as the “new eat at home or office experience” with faster ordering, better service, and a wider variety of foods to choose from.

    Rod got his start in the restaurant business offering marketing consulting services – helping other restaurants improve and grow, but always had the itch to become a restaurant owner of his own. He fulfilled that dream by purchasing Eat at Oasis in early 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Eat at Oasis had two dine-in locations about five miles apart, and Rod made the purchase with plans to change one location into the Graze! Shared Kitchen concept.

  • Piu Bello


    Piu Bello is a family-owned business headed by Mehul Patel since 2016. Piu Bello serves their customers in three ways: Lunch and Dinner menu for both Dining Room and Carry-Out service, as well as Pizza Delivery. The concept features classic Italian dishes with modern American delivery fare for wings, mozzarella sticks, and chicken fingers.

    When Mr. Patel originally purchased the restaurant, he knew that sales had been declining by 20% year-over-year. Soon after incorporating a HungerRush POS system and all its built-in tools, Mr. Patel was able to find that he was gaining back the 20% loss in sales by more effectively streamlining and monitoring his delivery process.

    Mr. Patel assumed control of the business with the existing POS, Clover. He stated that all of his inventory, employee, and customer management needed to be done manually. “Clover might be ok for retail stores; it’s not going to work for my restaurant concept, which requires a lot of customization. Clover also has no way to calculate labor, unless you want to download a 3rd party app (for an extra charge). Many of those apps are also incapable of doing what I truly need.” The difficulty continued to inventory, “There’s no way for me to know when I need to reorder food, how much food I’m using per pizza, and for it to specify the quantity of toppings. The only thing Clover is good for is to take simple orders and charge cards.”

    Over time, the manual workload began to overtake him, and that’s when he truly became motivated to find an all-encompassing solution. Through all of his research and due diligence, he found HungerRush. “HungerRush POS is the only system that gives me everything I need; an inventory system that can be customized, and (resources) that can help me build my menu quickly,” also, “coming through and install(ing) everything.”

    After his onsite installation and training for his new HungerRush POS system, HungerRush (online ordering platform), and eye deliver (Real-time driver statistics for GPS tracking), Mr. Patel was able to identify that his delivery process was the best area to start improving.

    With HungerRush he was able to limit the number of orders a driver could take based on the distance he needed to drive to complete the delivery. Now Piu Bello was able to establish the operation standard that would limit the number of pizza orders to be delivered by any one driver. Mr. Patel was also able to reconcile all of the manual inventory, employee, and customer management that had been plaguing him.

    As a result, he found that he was gaining back the 20% loss in sales by more effectively streamlining and monitoring his delivery process, and the time savings from having more automated and integrated labor, customer, and inventory allow Mr. Patel to focus on his real priority – providing excellent service and food to Piu Bello’s guests. Mr. Patel conducted his own independent survey after implementing HungerRush and these changes. The results showed increased customer perception and satisfaction ratings of his business.

    Today, the Piu Bello restaurant is operating more effectively, and Mr. Patel states that within his next month of operation, he will not only have corrected his monthly net loss but turned the delivery operation into a profit center. Mr. Patel is now a huge fan of the HungerRush system, and he ended by saying: “If HungerRush can do pizza, they can do anything in the restaurant industry!”

  • Crush Taco


    Crush Taco is a fast casual concept based on contemporary cuisine.  Signature items include cornflake crusted shrimp, buffalo chicken and fish tacos.  Calling it a modern taco shop, owner Mo Assi describes his tacos as Texas-style with Latin influence – combining big flavors with shredded cheese, refried beans and fresh vegetables.   

    Mo had an idea of what he wanted in a POS system based on ones he used in other restaurants. The POS system had to be easy for the staff to learn and use and he didn’t want anything to slow down Crush Taco’s ordering process or impact the customer experience.   

    A reporting fanatic, Mo demanded a system that could provide detailed analysis of the sales, labor and product mix his restaurant was producing.  He also wanted a system that could embrace changing customer trends such as the movement of online ordering and third-party delivery services.  Crush Taco selected the HungerRush restaurant management system after receiving a demo and performing independent research. 

    Now, Mo gets the detailed reports he need to keep tabs on the growing business and for strategic planning.  To keep up with a growing industry trend, Crush Taco has also expanded into online ordering and third-party delivery services.  With help from HungerRush, the restaurant built an online ordering platform as part of Crush’s website along with a custom-branded app for iOS and Android mobile devices.  

    Four years after opening their doors, Crush Taco is flying high and Mo credits HungerRush as technology that has steered Crush Taco’s success.  The POS system has given Mo the visibility he requires to make good business decisions and has proven to be an adaptable platform that can scale and grow as Crush Taco builds its customer base. 

  • Hometown Pizza


    Hometown Pizza and Grill implemented the HungerRush POS system with integrated online ordering to acquire new sales. The system’s built-in reporting module provides improved reporting and staff accountability.



“Previously I owned an Aloha system, but I switched to HungerRush because I wanted an updated POS with better functions and better customer support. HungerRush’s system is part of the new wave of technology, as well as both user friendly and business savvy. The cost was better than Aloha’s, too!”

Will Dodd

Hot Tomato Cafe & Pizzeria

“Before we installed HungerRush at Hot Tomato we were using Speedline, but the Speedline system kept crashing and we really needed something with more reliability. We’d heard a lot of good things about HungerRush so we decided to check it out. HungerRush clearly had a lot more offerings (we were especially interested in the online ordering product, HungerRush) and the POS seemed much more stable and reliable, so we switched.

It was the right choice! HungerRush is so much more reliable and extremely user friendly, especially with regard to things we needed to do in the back of the house, like inventory and reporting. Changes and updates are so easy to make, even for non-computer savyy people. The ease of use on the backend eliminates the need to call HungerRush for every little change and update, because we can do it easily ourselves – we love that.

The HungerRush system is just so user friendly in all aspects – it’s extremely intuitive and training our staff to use it is simple and stress-free. Keep up the great work, HungerRush!”

Anne Keller

GameTime Pizza

“My previous POS system was Aloha but it just wasn’t working for me anymore. It was time to get a clean start with a brand new system. I wanted better delivery and inventory features, as well as online ordering and mobile apps – HungerRush delivered on all counts. The installation and training process went great…”

Bo Summers

Fong’s Pizza

“I have been seriously looking at HungerRush for a couple of years. Initially, in our research, my partners and I had our doubts, thinking there really couldn’t be that much difference between one POS to the other, but we later found out that there is, and the difference is bigger than we immagined. We were originally using Aloha with a few issues here and there, but when we finally sat down with the team at HungerRush, I realized the issues could not only be resolved but they could be eliminated altogether. My partners wanted to go with the fad of cloud-based systems, mainly becasue of the lower initial investment and the idea that all your data is protected and accessible through the cloud, which also led to some other key flaws of cloud systems. I’m so glad I (and my account manager) deviated from the cloud solution and fought to keep the HungerRush as a running finalist in our picking. We manage the smaller store of my three locations and we are projected to be more profitable than the larger stores. The ROI is real and when I vetted them I put them through the ringer. They not only aced the test but put in extra credit in all the areas Aloha lacked i.e. training, post installs communication, online ordering, service, mobile ready sites, and a high level of communication that is rarely seen nowadays. I could only imagine what the cloud companies would have scored. It was an easy decision after that to let them have my other stores because if they treated a new construction this way I could only imagine what a running business can achieve. Did I mention that with these results I expect my rank on the Top 100 should be much higher? Take the path less traveled and come over to HungerRush. The grass is so green.”

Gwen Page

Piu Bello

“I was using a Clover POS System and I switched because it was very unsatisfactory. There are more things Clover can’t do then it can as far as pizza restaurants are concerned. The only things it can do that can benefit me is the fact that it can take an order and charge a credit card. The credit card fees are outrageous. Unlike HungerRush which has more options and lower fees. Clover might be ok for retail stores, but it’s not going to work for a restaurant concept that needs a lot of customization. Clover also has no way to calculate labor, that is, unless you want to download a 3rd party app (for an extra charge). And many of those apps are also incapable of doing what I truly need. There’s no way for me to know when I need to reorder food, how much food I’m using in each pizza, and there’s no way for it to specify the quantity of toppings. The only thing Clover is good for is to take simple orders and charge cards. With HungerRush, I can do all that and more. They have a mapping system that lets me route drivers, HungerRush also has an inventory system that I can have customized, and the best part is, they build a menu for me so there’s no work on my end. They come through and install everything so I don’t need to worry about properly following instructions. Just an FYI, Clover does not have a good instruction manual. Lastly, HungerRush has the best customer service, which again, Clover is lacking. At HungerRush I have my salesman number and I know who to reach for help. HungerRush is the correct choice for pizza restaurants. It’s like they were built for pizza shops. And if they can do pizza they can do anything in the restaurant industry.”

Mehul Patel

Hot Tomato Cafe

HungerRush customer support is outstanding. I’ve worked closely with their department multiple times on projects and they have always been extremely thorough and responsive. I am extremely happy with HungerRush’s customer service, and with HungerRush as a whole.

Ann Keller