El Limon Taqueria

“When we opened the first El Limon, we spent quite a bit of time searching for a POS. Micros seemed to come up a lot in my research, so we decided to go with their e7 POS model. We soon discovered it was extremely hard to use in almost every way. It wasn’t working for us at all. I saw HungerRush on an episode of Bar Rescue and the system looked really user friendly – I decided I wanted to try it. I am so glad that I did!

HungerRush is very straightforward and so much easier to use than Micros. In the past I’ve used Aloha, and HungerRush blows that system away, as well. I love HungerRush’s split ticket feature – I use it so frequently now! I don’t know how I was getting by without it before HungerRush. I love getting my reports emailed to me every day and now doing payroll is effortless. Any time I’ve called HungerRush’s customer service team they answered extremely quickly, and they were kind and helpful. Soon I am opening another El Limon location and I have already decided to install HungerRush there – I literally just talked to my HungerRush sales rep and placed the order for the new store. I’m excited!”