Crave Cupcakes

“Prior to installing HungerRush we were using Micros POS, but we really needed a more stable system. We were getting calls all the time from staff that something was wrong with the POS in the store and we wanted to eliminate those problems. We switched to HungerRush because we wanted a more stable product in place, and also because HungerRush caters more to the food service industry and independent businesses, whereas Micros was geared more toward hotels, cruise ships, that sort of thing.

We took advantage of HungerRush’s Buyback program and we were very grateful HungerRush bought the old Micros system from us and took it off our hands. Since we switched, our HungerRush POS system is running smoothly and has made a positive impact on our customers and employees. The system never crashes, which was a problem previously with the Micros system. Since HungerRush is Windows-based, both our staff and our managers have found it very easy to learn and use. I’m a big fan of the system and of HungerRush’s team. Their Customer Service department has been great to us. We’re very happy with our decision.”