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Text to order is the best and easiest ordering experience on the planet especially for a marketplace that prioritizes convenience

Aaron Nilsson, CIO of Jet's Pizza

Hungry Howie’s Rewards Redemption Rate Exceeds 74%

Hungry Howie’s, a nationally recognized carry out and delivery pizza chain based in Madison Heights, Michigan, is known for its Flavored Crust® and now for its loyalty program. Howie Rewards® is a simple, user-friendly program that automatically tracks participating purchases and rewards guests for every six qualifying online orders.

Howie’s launched the program mid-2016, after selecting HungerRush’s loyalty program Honeycomb. HungerRush’s development team and Hungry Howie’s technology team worked together to customize the loyalty program to fit their exact requirements. “Having HungerRush build the architecture of our loyalty program just made sense,” states Dan McKay, Director of IT. “They already provide our POS and Online Ordering, which means they understand our operational and customer interactions on all fronts.”

Honeycomb is a robust loyalty engine that tracks customer data above store, and provides updates to members via email based on qualifying actions or purchases across locations. The platform utilizes HungerRush online ordering as the customer facing portal minimizing customer credentials. “Our vision for Honeycomb is to provide a support structure that enables a consistent, brand unifying experience across platforms and locations,” states Laura Gaudin, Director of Product Management. Honeycomb provides staff with the perfect re-direction to any questions, allowing them to train consumers and direct them to the online ordering platform.

The Howie’s team has already seen major success with online only participation in 2017. Howie’s processed over 850,000 loyalty orders totaling over $15 million in net sales. The Howie’s team has given back over 147,000 medium two-topping pizzas to their guests. Howie Rewards® success is most evident in the redemption rate of 74%. “We knew the integration with online ordering would be huge,” states McKay. “We didn’t anticipate how much impact the loyalty interface in the online menu would be. Most loyalty platforms plateau at a 20% redemption rate because of manual redemption codes or incomplete integrations. With Honeycomb, we’ve tripled that benchmark in just the first year because of the online ordering and mobile application integration.”

Hungry Howie's Rewards Redemption Rate Exceeds 74%

BLU Restaurant and Lounge

“Initially I was so nervous about switching from Micros to HungerRush – change is uncomfortable, no matter what the situation is, and I was very accustomed to the Micros system. Once the installation and training began, I KNEW we had made the right decision. The installers were extremely knowledgable, professional and very detailed. Beyond that, they were also very helpful and friendly, always going above and beyond for us during the installation process. They broke the language down so that it wasn’t super tech-y; we could easily understand everything they showed us. I was so impressed. They treated our staff like family. HungerRush’s communication and customer support are both amazing; they are #1 in customer support over any other company I have dealt with.

With Micros there were lots of problems with security – HungerRush is set up so that the loopholes that existed in Micros are non-existent. HungerRush offers much more control and security. Updating the menu, changing prices, renaming buttons – ALL of these things are SO much easier with HungerRush. Micros makes everything overly complicated with too many steps – it’s a hassle. Unnecessary.

HungerRush is just a better system, what else can I say? FIVE THUMBS UP!”

Chef Jett

Win Place or Show Sports Bar & Grill

“Before HungerRush we were using Micros. The biggest difference between the systems that I noticed after we switched was that we now had the ability to make changes and update menu items ourselves very easily. Micros was not user friendly in that way at all. In fact, it was HungerRush’s ease of use that really sold me on the system. My staff loves the modifiers – now they can tell the kitchen details with the click of the button, whereas before they had to run back to the kitchen to verbally relay that info. This was an amazing change for them!

The number one feature for me is the wireless tablet. The handheld unit is AWESOME. When we’re very busy and 5 tables come in at the same time, I can now walk table to table with the tablet taking orders with ease, without running back and forth to the POS station at the bar. The wireless tablet speeds up the ordering process SO MUCH. I love it!

Another huge difference between Micros and HungerRush is the quality of customer support. One time, during the Micros days, we experienced a horrible lightning storm that knocked out power in the entire building. When we called Micros for assistance getting the POS going again, they refused to help us over the phone. We had to wait for them to show up for an on-site service call, which is completely ridiculous. We recently went through a snow storm that had a similar effect – the whole building lost power suddenly. We called HungerRush and they helped us get back on track within minutes. The difference is clear – HungerRush is the better system by far!”

Lisa Engelman

The Republic Steak House

“We were using the Micros 3700 system, which was highly antiquated. Glitches were frequent and their customer service was awful. We wanted a faster, more effective system with modern features – so we switched to HungerRush. We looked at both Aloha and Positouch during the research phase, but HungerRush was the most user friendly and had the best reporting features. Not only does HungerRush have a great product, but the company has a great reputation too. The HungerRush system was highly recommended to me by a valuable source. I would definitely recommend HungerRush to others.”

Wade Barkman

La Taza Restaurant & Coffeehouse

“Micros was ARCHAIC. Extremely hard to deal with. Everything was so hard to put in, now I can do everything on the fly, it has saved me so much time. I used to have to run up and down the stairs all the time and now I can do everything in one place. Employees are now putting the entire order in, including drinks! That sounds crazy but the Micros system was so bad, they had to go through so many pages just to ring up one order, it was confusing. Micros Customer Service was horrible too. I waited online FOREVER. You had to wait for a call back, and they would then refer you to someone else. I’ve called into HungerRush’s Customer Service so many times, I think I’ve waited 5 minutes at the most. I was so glad to take advantage of HungerRush’s Buyback program and I just sent my old Micros system in.”

Melissa Easter


“Previously I owned an Aloha system, but I switched to HungerRush because I wanted an updated POS with better functions and better customer support. HungerRush’s system is part of the new wave of technology, as well as both user friendly and business savvy. The cost was better than Aloha’s, too!”

Will Dodd

Bailey’s Pizza

“We were using Aloha Radiant at our other location, but I lost trust in Aloha after they pushed software on me that wasn’t ready to be marketed, which disrupted my business. I had heard of HungerRush’s good reputation and after talking to the HungerRush staff I decided to switch. Everyone I spoke to made me feel very comfortable and no one ever talked down to me, in spite of my computer limitations. HungerRush gave me confidence. My goals when selecting a new POS were to increase sales and the efficiency of my staff. I also wanted strong marketing features and to stop internal theft. HungerRush helped me achieve these goals. I feel now we have all the tools we need to succeed!”

Christopher Ward

Luke’s Icehouse

“I switched from Aloha to HungerRush because I wanted to minimize POS issues and maximize my potential. HungerRush offered competitive rates, provided hands-on training in-house, and HungerRush is just easier to work with in general.”

Andrew Coe

Main Street America

“Before HungerRush we were using Aloha, but we really wanted a more universal system. HungerRush provided that element and more – the system was user friendly, offered real time inventory control, clear & concise reporting features, and great back up support. During the process of switching we were treated excellently – HungerRush’s staff is accessible and can be contacted directly, and they show personal care with every situation.”

Iain Evans

Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q

“Previously, Aloha POS was the system I was using, but they offered no technical support. I switched to HungerRush POS because the technology was innovative, the management and marketing tools were great, and they offered online ordering, which I wanted very much. The sales, installation and training process with HungerRush was great! I would recommend the company to people I know.”

Nick Pencis

Mamma Mia’s

“We switched from Aloha to HungerRush for ease of use. There were so many things that we had to do with Aloha that would just make us pull our hair out. With HungerRush there’s a sense of relief each day you walk in because your POS is one less problem you have to worry about.”

Frank Salamone