Spyke's Sports Bar & Grill

Spykes Bar & Grill

“We’ve all had our encounters with sleazy salesmen. And with Digital Dining, that’s exactly what I got: A sleazy salesman that told me that my system would do everything and that the contract would be no issue. When I met HungerRush at the Nightclub and Bar Expo, the experience was quite different. The gentleman who spoke with us and who later became our salesperson treated us like family. They met with my family to talk further about the HungerRush POS and they showed us ways to grow our business and acted more as a partner than a software provider. They didn’t pressure us and at no time did I feel we were wasting time with them. They valued the time we had and our conversations were often deep and forward thinking. With Digital Dining I had developed a fear for salesmen, but HungerRush broke that stigma. HungerRush fixed everything and event fixed my camera system that hadn’t worked in years as a courtesy. Now I don’t have to work 80 hours on small problems here and there. Because of HungerRush, I can focus on growing my business.”