Slice of The 80s

Slice of the 80’s

“We used Diamond Touch by Granbury and it was not the best experience. We had been using Aldelo POS for 2 years before Diamond Touch, but we weren’t happy with that system at all. We met with the men of Diamond Touch POS in February 2012, who showed us a demonstration of their products at a pizza convention. We were shown what it could do for us and we made a deal; they sold us on their system and we decided to replace Aldelo.

When the Diamond Touch installer came to set up the equipment, we were hoping the install would be quick – we only had 3 days with him to properly train me and the rest of my staff. I wanted to make sure I had it down before he left. After those 3 days passed, we knew Diamond Touch was not the POS system to take our store to the next level. It just did not fit, and the installer could tell as well. The software was just not for us.

Diamond Touch tried everything to get me to stay with them, but I just couldn’t. I took a $3,000 dollar loss by sending the equipment back, but it didn’t matter because I knew I would be losing more if I kept them. We sadly hooked our Aldelo system back up and I knew right then who I needed to call and who Ishould have called in the first place – HungerRush.

I had used HungerRush before, at my last pizzeria job, and I remembered how much I liked it and how easy it was to use – I had to get that for my store. I felt like an idiot that I hadn’t went with my gut and used HungerRush in the first place. I knew from then on that we were going to use nothing but HungerRush.

I am so glad I made the right choice. HungerRush is the best system for Slice of the 80’s and one of the best decisions I’ve made to help grow our pizzeria into what it is today. I don’t think we could have gotten so far so quickly if we hadn’t had a system like this. Our 5 year anniversary is this weekend and I’m happy to say that HungerRush will be there to celebrate with us!”