Sbarro Case Study

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With digital engagement a top priority for restaurants across segments, point-of-sale (P0S) software is being tasked with powering flexible solutions for brands that need to manage and monitor both online and in-store orders.

Sbarro LLC- a restaurant chain with more than 600 locations in 28 countries – not only offers diners two different brands, Sbarro and Pizza Cucinova, but also those brands operate within dual segments.

At its in-mall locations, Sbarro had reached a tipping point with its previous P0S provider. While the solution’s ease of operations were adequate, a lack of integration and menu management services became troubling. The absence of an online ordering integration forced Sbarro to use a third-party vendor. This created significant issues in getting the systems to speak to each other and have consistent pricing.

A solution presented itself with HungerRush, an integrated online ordering platform that ensures everything matches, from pricing to products to coupons, etc.

After partnering with HungerRush and implementing its Managed Service solution, Sbarro’s IT team can now focus on technology support, programming and other more strategic items to drive business. Sbarro also uses HungerRush‘s Enterprise tool, primarily to check sales, product mix, food cost, service times and labor controls.

The open architecture of the P0S database and HungerRush ‘s willingness to share data allow Sbarro to access raw customer and transactional data on a daily basis. It then mines the data, providing those insights to marketing, which can then create and deploy offers or specials to existing customers.

Download Case Study PDF