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HungerRush Interviews Josh Katz of Ben Yehuda

Were you using a previous POS? If so, which one?
We switched from PC America.

Did your previous POS no longer meet your needs? If so, how did your needs change?
We found that PC America wasn’t adapting with the industry. As a result, we have separate systems for loyalty programs and online ordering and this was posing a challenge for our cashiers, cooks and management.

What key factors did you consider in deciding whether or not to switch to HungerRush point of sale?
We were looking for a single POS that had loyalty and online ordering integrated.

Were there specific products you were interested in?
Loyalty Integration
Online Ordering
Self Serve kiosk
Generally keeping up with the industry

We found that HungerRush was a bit more expensive than other options, however, with the buy back program it was comparable.

Why did you choose HungerRush over our competitors?
If you’re not moving forward, you’re dying. Other POS companies seem to be dying while HungerRush is always moving forward.

Since your install, have you seen an increase in sales? Order volume?
Yes, customers are happier with the faster service and the more unified experience with the online ordering/loyalty program.

What benefits have you experienced from working with us?
Much faster training, great support staff, simpler operations.

What specific results have you seen from implementing our point of sale system?
Our online order sales are on the rise and my team now feel like they have the tools they need to do their job.

What business processes does our system enhance? Does it save you time and/or money?
Every process. The KDS has helped our line improve ticket times, reporting tools have made things easier for management, in addition to the enhancements for the cashiers mentioned above.

What is your favorite feature within the HungerRush system?
The unified solution of POS, loyalty, and online ordering.

How has your experience been when calling in to customer service? Are our reps knowledgeable, helpful, timely?
Generally very good. On Fridays and Saturday nights there are sometimes long waits, but if it isn’t anything critical the call back features has been very handy. In the past we used to have a manager sitting on hold, now we can leave our phone number and get back to serving customers. However, when there are software updates it can take the service team a while to get trained on the new features.

If there was one thing you could tell business owner looking at HungerRush as their preferred POS, what would you tell them?
If you’re looking for a POS that is innovative and cares about the customer experience HungerRush is the only way to go.