rockin rodeo

HungerRush Interviews Byron Navarro of Rockin Rodeo

How long have you been in the nightclub/bar industry, Byron?
Almost 10 years – here in Denton for 4 years now and 5 years in Wichita Falls before that.

Was there a particular issue that led you to choosing an all-in-one POS system like HungerRush?
We were using cash registers before, but those are very limiting and we were growing fast. We wanted to speed up operations and make tracking inventory easier. Inventory purposes were a big part of it. But it was the all-in-one aspect of HungerRush that we really loved – you really can do everything and it’s all right there in front of you, just a click away.

Businesswise, do you feel that modern technology, specifically an all-in-one solution such as HungerRush, is mandatory in today’s highly competitive industry?
Well I wouldn’t say mandatory, but for a club the size of Rockin Rodeo, it’s definitely more than worth your while. Tasks that previously took forever with the cash register – price changes, for example – are now completed quickly and efficiently with the POS. It really speeds up everything.

Do you believe that a POS system has a direct impact on a customer’s experience?
Yes! Especially with regard to speed of service. It takes all of the confusion out of order taking, and being able to customize very specific buttons tailored to our needs is awesome. It takes all of the math out of it too, so far fewer errors are made.

Rockin Rodeo is also a live music venue. Does your HungerRush system support that element of the business?
It does, actually. Now we can sell concert tickets from the POS. Now customers can buy tickets to future events right there and then. Our customers love that.

If you were to name what you feel are the best features within HungerRush, what would they be?
That’s impossible to answer, because I could never limit it to just one, or a handful, of features. There are so many features I could list! The system is leaps and bounds above everything else and things are so much better than before, with the registers. I guess I would say the strong, well-built technology of the system is the very best thing about it. It’s the solid foundation upon which all of the features are built, enabling us to work faster and more efficiently with the click of a button.

Are there any specific features of the HungerRush system that you feel have directly and positively affected your profits?
Speeding up operations certainly contributed to a profit boost. The inventory module helps us track of everything better and monitor so many things, which also helps in that respect.

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey thus far with Rockin Rodeo?
I would have to say watching Rockin Rodeo grow. I’ve been with RR for 4 years and I’ve watched this club go from using 9 key cash registers to using powerful, cutting edge POS technology, which has completely modernized the business and enabled it to grow in leaps and bounds.

Would you recommend HungerRush technology to other owner/operators out there like yourself?
Absolutely! In fact, we’ve already done so several times. Our employees love it, our customers love it – we are talking about HungerRush all the time!