Reginelli's Pizzeria

Reginelli’s Pizzeria

“Prior to switching to HungerRush I was using Diamond Touch by Granbury in all 10 of my locations, but I wasn’t happy with the system. I was interested in online ordering and Diamond Touch didn’t offer that. I also wanted to become PCI compliant and knew that PCI compliancy was important to HungerRush. I had looked at HungerRush’s POS system at the Pizza Expo tradeshow in Las Vegas and I really liked it. Since I was looking for a good online ordering platform, I decided to research HungerRush’s apps in the Apple store to get a feel for the HungerRush product. HungerRush’s HungerRush had the most apps in the store and the customer reviews of the apps were consistently positive, unlike other companies I saw. I was sold.

I’m about to open my 11th Reginelli’s location, and HungerRush will not only be installed there, but I also plan to systematically switch all of my other stores to HungerRush over time.”