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Pizaro’s Pizza Case Study

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Based in Houston, Pizaro’s Pizza is a beloved restaurant first opened in 2009 by Bill Hutchinson. Having previously spent most of his career in the oil and gas industry, Bill discovered his love of authentic Naples-style pizza crafting, and with the help of his son Matt, he decided to turn his hobby into a new career.

He trained under the guidance of master pizza chef, Peppe Miele, for a year and a half before finally opening what has become one of the most popular pizzerias in Houston, earning it a spot on the Alison Cook’s top 100 restaurants in Houston for six years in a row.

After opening a second location to act as a new flagship store in the heart of Montrose, Pizaro’s Pizza has expanded its offerings to include not only authentic Napoletana pizza, but New York and Detroit (pan)- style pizza as well.

With growth, however, comes growing pains. While the POS system they originally purchased was capable of handling their needs as a fledgling business, the increased popularity and expansion of the restaurant brought with it increased demands that their POS couldn’t handle.

After looking at all the available options, Pizaro’s Pizza eventually made the decision to implement HungerRush Online Ordering in order to gain access to digital ordering channels. The integrated POS and online ordering solution would ensure that all customer orders from the digital channel would be routed directly to the point of sale, reducing order entry errors and eliminating the potential for dropped orders.

The average customer spend per order has greatly increased now that guests can easily customize orders online.

The larger average order size due to the online ordering channel has resulted in improved profit margins for Pizaro’s Pizza, as well as an increase in customer satisfaction and repeat business. Download Case Study PDF