Piezoni’s Case Study

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Piezoni’s is a 20-restaurant chain serving pizza, sandwiches, salads and pasta.  Owner Victor Martinez and business partner Joe Ferreira source all natural and fresh ingredients for their pizzas and other dishes, earning respect from customers for the restaurant’s fresh, healthy ingredients. 

As Piezoni’s grew to over 10 stores, Victor feared that that customers were starting to think of Piezoni’s as just another pizza chainBy early 2013, it was clear that a movement to online ordering was in full swing.  Large brands across the country were also implementing loyalty programs to create customer stickiness and encourage repeat purchases.  If Piezoni’s was going to keep growing at a steady rate, Victor needed both options to help him get there.   

When Piezoni’s implemented online ordering, the immediately saw a shift in orders from phone-in to ones placed through the restaurant’s website or branded app.  Victor also found that online orders were on average $3.50 higher than those placed by phone. 

Introducing HungerRush’s integrated customer loyalty program helped Piezoni’s boost repeat orders.  Loyalty members tend to order four times per month while non-loyalty members order less than twice per month.   

Implementing online ordering and introducing a customer loyalty program has been highly successful for Piezoni’s business.  In the beginning, some of Victor’s team was skeptical, but once they got began looking at sales data and customer conversion metrics, it was obvious that the programs were having a positive impact. 

Download Case Study PDF