Mother Bear's Pizza

Mother Bear’s Pizza

“I was using Digital Dining previously. They promised us the stars, but it never really happened. Digital Dining was incredibly obtuse, honestly. With Digital Dining we had to forsake delivery entry altogether and do it with pen and paper. HungerRush gives us the capability to handle high volume delivery and carryout, which has been a big part of Mother Bear’s growth.

Furthermore, HungerRush promised an ease of operation that proved absolutely true when put into action. The intuitive aspect of HungerRush’s system is just incredible. A few minutes of training is all it takes! 5-15 minutes of training and a person can be on the floor using the system. The ease of operation is phenomenal. It also gives us the ability to recapture tip allocations and food costs easily and effectively, which streamlines my business. The software truly pays for itself.”