Giovanni's Roast Beef & Pizza

Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

“The main reason I switched was because HungerRush is a great system at a great price. I connected with a sales executive at a tradeshow and he really stuck to his word. He didn’t give me stories – everything was exactly how he said it was going to be. I got to play with the system while I was there and I really liked it. I liked how it is so user friendly and the colors are awesome. You don’t even realize how important color is. HungerRush’s HungerRush online ordering is amazing, as well – both visually and functionally.

Since I’ve started using the HungerRush system, I’ve seen how much it is capable of. I can add coupons with ease, and the reports it generates are vital to running a business. I also like the thumbprint access. With Foodtec, it was I-Button access. Employees would lose them all the time, and every time I called to order 20 or so it would be around $400, which was ridiculous.

Foodtec’s customer support was only open from 9am to 10pm and they had different tiers; even with their top level of support, you would still need to leave a voicemail and hope for a prompt response. You know, having good people to deal w ith is half the battle. I got good vibes from HungerRush. My installer was incredibly diligent with the installation of the hardware – all of the cables were zip-tied up and he stayed with my employees to make sure everyone understood how to use the system. I am very happy I made the switch.”