Emil's Family Restaurant

Emil’s Family Restaurant

“We decided to switch from Foodtec to HungerRush for multiple reasons. HungerRush was recommended to us at the Pizza Expo by many other restaurant owners who raved about their customer support team – a live person answers 24/7. With Foodtec, we always had to leave a message after 6pm and wait for a call back, which was a nightmare when the systems were down.

HungerRush also has many more security features, easier order taking and better reporting features. Foodtec’s reports were difficult and in order to find the information we needed, we had to go to multiple screens. HungerRush includes a free customer rewards program, free inventory, free employee scheduling, a free marketing module, no gift card fees and a low flat fee for online orders. Before, we had to pay for each one of these options, besides paying a percentage of our web orders.

As far as functionality, with Foodtec, there was a lot of unnecessary clicking, which made everyday tasks a hassle – such as order taking or taking money from drivers.

Another very important issue for us, as identity theft continues to grow, is that HungerRush is PCI compliant and is even listed as a verified merchant on both the Visa and MasterCard websites. This ensures our customers’ data is protected and eliminates the threat of a system breach.

Even with all of the extra features that we didn’t have before, we have a much lower monthly price, which also includes our customer support and unlimited training. We paid more for Foodtec for the support alone, which wasn’t as easily accessible as it is with HungerRush.

We are very thankful that we attended the tradeshow and had the opportunity to hear about HungerRush from real customers and also had the ability to see their systems live. Check them out for yourself – it will be the best decision you make for your restaurant.”