Dairy Queen

“I was using Comtrex POS in 2 of my Dairy Queen locations prior to installing HungerRush in February 2014. The reason I originally chose Comtrex was because they offered local service and I knew several other Dairy Queen locations that were using it, so I figured it was the best choice. Over time the Comtrex technology was getting outdated and the quality of their customer support had dropped considerably, as well. Once the issue of PCI compliancy came up I knew I wanted to do a security upgrade to comply. I decided the best move would be to do it with a new and better POS product, which is why I switched to HungerRush POS.

HungerRush is so much easier to train employees on than Comtrex. Order entry is incredibly easy and more accurate than before. For example, the pre-selected modifier feature is invaluable when training new staff – employees make fewer mistakes when the pre-highlighted buttons instruct them about what automatically comes on a burger, salad, etc. We have a very complex menu, so I was slightly worried about how HungerRush would handle that, but they worked with me to customize the intricate details, and now we have a really slick, easy to use menu.

HungerRush customer support is outstanding. I’ve worked closely with their department multiple times on projects and they have always been extremely thorough and responsive. I am extremely happy with HungerRush’s customer service, and with HungerRush as a whole.”

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