“We had Diamond Touch by Granbury for two and a half years, and from the moment we started with them we had a difficult time. There were lots of technical problems and their customer service was absolutely terrible. Even though we were paying a monthly fee for the service, whenever I called they either took forever to answer or didn’t answer at all, so I’d have to wait for a call back. Very unprofessional.

They would promise things and never follow through with them, despite charging us an arm and a leg for everything. It was horrible. Here’s just one example – When PCI compliancy became an issue and it came time for us to upgrade, they wanted to charge me $7,000 for that, which was ridiculous. While I was at this year’s Pizza Expo show in Las Vegas I decided to go discuss this with the Diamond Touch owner. He promised me a discount, so I felt a little better. I noticed HungerRush at the Pizza Expo show, as well, and I liked what I saw. Once I returned home from the tradeshow, I received a bill from Diamond Touch that was significantly higher than what we discussed. I found this extremely unprofessional, dishonest and cunning on their part. This is just one issue of many, but it was the last straw – I decided to call HungerRush.

HungerRush is a much better system all around. It’s very easy to work with, very complete. Customers love that they can see how much they owe when they are checking out. Order entry is excellent; it’s so much easier to put in an order on the HungerRush POS and the screen and monitor are so much better, everything looks nice and clear. The reporting features and closing paperwork are awesome – instead of having to batch credit cards separately and all of that, with HungerRush is just one touch, one click, and you’ve closed out the day. It’s so much easier to work with on every level, really.

HungerRush also offers the the iPhone app for mobile online ordering and Diamond Touch didn’t have that capability. HungerRush’s online ordering is so much better and the all in one integration makes everything really simple. And best of all, when I call HungerRush’s customer service department, someone ALWAYS answers the phone and helps me right away. I feel very taken care of.”