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“Our original food vendor sold us on Micros. “They’re big, they have a local shop, we’ll give you a discount, etc…” In retrospect, having that was better than nothing – but not by much. It wasn’t designed for pizza, so a price or menu update would take me literally all night. I would be at Andolini’s modifying price page after price page and forced modifiers all the way until the donut shop next door to me was opening for the next day. The following shift I was worthless as an owner/operator because I was so beat; that’s when I started searching for a new POS – even at a time when we were really tight on cash.

It was an all-around case that led me to choose HungerRush. Several instances I knew I could stop with a HungerRush POS made me excited for the switch. Fingerprint security would stop that one server who knew everyone’s security number when she was too lazy to get a discount approval. Seeing history on each customer would ensure we didn’t make the same mistake twice. Integrated maps would help with new delivery drivers and let us see a full picture when calculating a route. Pre-selected modifiers for each pizza would make listing ingredients for phone orders, along with taking those items off the pizza, a simple process rather than an ordeal.”