Al's Pizza

Al’s Pizza

“We were using Vital Link by Granbury, but they offered no customer support and the operating system was unstable. We wanted to switch to a POS company that had good tech support, system stability, and flexibility of menu and reporting features. We already knew that HungerRush was customer oriented – once we saw how fast the software was, the menu layout, the flexibility and appearance of the graphics, we were sold. We asked hundreds of questions at every stage of the process and always got an answer. We loved the attitude of the HungerRush staff – they were determined to get what we needed for our business incorporated into the POS.

The process of switching POS systems is more detailed than anyone would believe. HungerRush was there for us at every stage of development. A POS system is only as good as the staff that designs and services it. HungerRush is there for their customers at all times. Highly recommended.”