EyeDeliver is a delivery management application that provides real-time delivery data to drivers and management.

What Is EyeDeliver?

A delivery management application that provides real-time delivery data to drivers and management.

  • Orders are sent to the delivery driver’s Smartphone via the secure EyeDeliver application
  • The driver receives instant directions via GPS including the best route to multiple deliveries
  • Customers can tip and sign their credit card receipt via the driver’s app
  • Signed receipts are sent directly to the POS system and emailed to the customer automatically
  • EyeDeliver includes a website that provides a view of all restaurants side by side with real-time
  • Advanced reporting records when the order is delivered to the customer’s door

EyeDeliver Features

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Security
  • Signature Capture for Credit Cards
  • Consolidated/Advanced Reporting
  • Real-Time Order Status
  • Driver Directions on Phone
  • Email Receipt to Customer
  • Intuitive Tip Entry

EyeDeliver Head’s Up Display (HUD)

The EyeDeliver Head’s Up Display (HUD) gives you the freedom to remotely view the location of your delivery drivers from any PC at any time. The Head’s Up Display enables you to review consolidated delivery stats, and will show your recent orders with pending deliveries and calculate the distance/time any late orders will take to deliver.

HUD can be displayed on a large LCD screen for enhanced visibility. It updates every 30 seconds, providing you with the real-time stats you need to run the best delivery operation possible.

How does EyeDeliver work?

  • Step 1: Dispatch order from POS
  • Step 2: Driver’s mobile app auto-populates delivery directions
  • Step 3: Order arrives at customer’s site
  • Step 4: Customer adds tip and signs credit card on phone
  • Step 5: Customer is emailed receipt

EyeDeliver FAQs

How much does Eye Deliver Cost?

The Eye Deliver service is only available to customers using the R-Enterprise solution. Eye Deliver set up is $199 per store. R- Enterprise is $65 per month per store and Eye Deliver is an additional $99 per month per store.

Is there a limit to how many drivers I can have using the app at once?

Not at all! There’s no limit to how many employees can download the app, and no limit to how many can use the app at one time. The Heads Up Display will only show drivers who have been dispatched and are currently on the road in order to keep the display accurate.

How much data does the app use on the phone?

Based on testing, a typical busy delivery shift estimating 200 miles of driving should not exceed 30MB of data.

Will the app be downloadable on all devices?

The app is available on all devices that support IOS and Android. If the device does not support those platforms, they will not be able to download the application.

How often is my Driver’s location updated?

Driver’s location is monitored by distance, not time. The standard setting is every 400 meters, but this distance is configurable.

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