Translate Your Full Service Experience Off-Premises

Unlock new opportunities with online ordering, delivery management, and beyond. The HungerRush Full Service Restaurant Management System is the most powerful way to optimize and elevate your entire restaurant experience, both in-house and off-premises.

You Win on Quality, Now You Can Compete on Convenience

Serve your customers anywhere to reclaim growth potential. With HungerRush, you’ll never lose a customer because of ordering or delivery inconveniences again.

  • Create a full-service online ordering platform via a mobile-friendly website or app
  • Increase average order value with smart upsells
  • Built-in curbside pickup, takeout, and no-contact delivery
  • Integrate with third-party services seamlessly without sacrificing control over customer data

HungerRush’s online ordering system leads to an 18% ticket size boost on average for online orders.

Maximize Efficiency Savings With Elevated Dine-In and Off-Premises Operations

Serve your customers better, faster, and with less overhead. HungerRush brings full-featured table and back-of-house management together in one platform.

  • Rapid order entry built to handle your most complex and customized orders
  • Easily take orders off-premises, i.e. the patio, with a full-featured Tablet POS
  • Increase accuracy and reduce wait times with the speed-enhancing, fully-integrated kitchen display system
  • Cash management and audits for no-hassle sales reporting, cashouts, and tip-outs

“It keeps track of everything for us–orders, sales, inventory–so many other things. The increase in efficiency helps us do our jobs better and offer the best customer service possible.” — Tutti’s Ristorante

Maximize Efficiency Savings With Elevated Dine-In and Off-Premises Operations

Add Your Personal Touch to Built-In Marketing and Loyalty

Recreate the friendly waiter experience with personalized, targeted offers and a fully-owned customer relationship and database.

  • Access all your customer data across all platforms from anywhere, anytime
  • Customize a loyalty program that’s just right for your brand and customers
  • Manage all your loyalty and marketing operations from a single dashboard

Loyalty members at Piezoni’s order more than twice as often as non-loyalty members. See why.

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Full Service Restaurant Management Never Looked So Easy

HungerRush’s Restaurant Management System helps you manage every aspect of your full service business in one platform to become more competitive.

Master Daily Operations

Simplify inventory, recipes, table management and beyond with built-in tools

US-Based Support

World-class customer service with industry experts based in the United States

Unrivaled User Experience

Rapid order entry and back office tools designed for speed and convenience

Own Your Customers

Find customer notes, locations, order histories, and more at the click of a button

Fully Integrated

Your full service POS system, loyalty, operations – it’s all connected in a single modern platform

Business Analytics

Cloud-based reporting and management offer business clarity and control anywhere

How many locations do you have?

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Tutti’s Ristorante in Westport, Connecticut is an upscale, authentic Italian restaurant. As the restaurant grew, the family needed a more effective way to manage operations.

  • Lowered wait times and increased customer satisfaction
  • Efficient management of inventory, scheduling, and beyond
  • Higher sales volume thanks to faster table turnover

“When everything is running very smoothly, it’s easy to have more customers coming in because everything is moving faster. Because everything is so organized and streamlined, the customers’ experience is better, and they’re happier, too. We can do more business while still offering really great customer service.”

— Pasquale Funicello, Co-Owner

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El Limon Taqueria operates nine locations across Pennsylvania, and the existing POS system was feeling clunkier by the day. They were ready for a more user-friendly system.

  • Faster order entry and happier customers
  • Reduced employee stress and technology fatigue
  • Effortless reporting and payroll

“HungerRush is very straightforward and so much easier to use. I love HungerRush’s split ticket feature—I use it so frequently now! I don’t know how I was getting by without it before HungerRush. I also love getting my reports emailed to me every day and now doing payroll is effortless.”

— Karina Vargas, Owner

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Giovanni’s Pizza operates 100+ locations across six states. The franchise evaluated 32 point of sale systems before landing on HungerRush.

  • $3 average ticket increase over in-store purchases
  • Easy training for franchisees
  • Eye-opening reporting across all locations

“Now that we have the HungerRush system with reporting software, our stores are making more money than ever before. We are thrilled to offer this technology to our existing franchisees and future locations and watch how it helps fuel their success.”

— Brent Cordial, Vice President of Operations

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